Her broken heart

The following day, he woke up to see Henrietta lying next to him. When he looked down at the floor, their clothes were all around the floor. He frowned up and hit her violently, waking her. “Henrietta!” He snapped.

She woke up and rubbed the heel of her hand on her eyes. She sat up purposely and looked at him. “Um. Richard,”

“Why are we on the same bed?” His recollection of the event was hazy. He was waiting impatiently for her to explain what happened between them to him, when she was taking too long he gripped her arm. “What happened last night? I told you to get out, didn't I?”

She held his hand, trying to free herself but he didn't let go. She winced in pain. “You were the one that told me not to go.”

“And…?” He arched his brow.

“To cut it short, we made love.”

When he heard the statement he felt the urge of throwing up, he covered his mouth with a hand and looked at her briskly. “We…we, what?” His eyes popped up in bewilderment.

“Do you remember kissing me? Don't pretend as if
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