116: Caught in A Lie

I heard the door from our bedroom open so I turned around to see my husband rubbing his eyes as he walked out into the living room.

"Breakfast?" I asked him and he nodded at me before sitting down on the stool in front of me. "Oh, and love someone called this morning. Around three in the morning? I thought maybe it was an emergency so I answered it."

He took the phone from the counter and started scrolling through it. I saw his eyes bulge while he was scrolling. "What did they say?"

"She asked if you're still coming on the weekend. And when I spoke up, she hung up." I said as I put bacon on his plate. "What was that about?"

"Uhm. Its... It's just... work. Yeah. I'm having a meeting out of town if an investor. I guess Kyla forgot to respond to the invite." He answered and I just nodded at him.

"Good morning!" ZG greeted us as he came out of his room running to the dinner table. I wanted to ask more about this new investor but I guess it's going to have to wait.

The weeks passed an
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