Book Two - Ch.# 3

Darkness… Darkness, a damp surface and an overwhelming metallic taste greeted me.

I knew what it was before I even opened my eyes, my last memories immediately reminding me to what had happened. Or, at least, what had happened before I’d lost consciousness.

Shaking, I pulled my exhausted body upright to see the damage for myself.

…To see the massacre.

And it was a sight that made me want to throw up.

Bodies laid everywhere around me. Throats torn, claw and bite marks riddling their skin.

No one had survived.

No one had survived *me*.

I’d let it happen again, too weak to stop it. If I’d just regained control sooner, I could have gotten back up to my feet and finished them off, completing the mission per my instructions. But… no, I was a failure. A disappointment.

A monster.

The first time something like this had occurred was about four years ago, after my eighteenth birthday. I’d been in a training session with my former tutor, practising during an intense fighting session, when I sudd
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Rose Watson
i loved book one but book 2 i just can't get it to sorry
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You are awesome! Thank you!
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Great book! Thanks for giving us your time. Looking forward to reading more

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