Book Two - Ch.# 21

“Here you go,” Kieran said, showing me to a door. “You’ll be staying in here. All your luggage should be inside already.”

I snapped myself out of my thoughts to give a smile. “Thank you. I really do appreciate it.”

“And if you need anything, I’m just across the hall in the room over there.”

There was a door where he pointed, and I promptly nodded.

…And then… silence. Not quite awkward but not entirely natural either, but it spread between us nevertheless.

“Um… well, I guess I’ll get some rest—.”

“I’m really sorry,” he said quickly. Almost as though he’d been holding onto it. “Today could have gone a lot smoother and I think I may have overwhelmed you a little.”

I stared at him, a little shocked that he was the one apologising to me rather than the reverse.

“What? No, no, I’m fine,” I said. “You have nothing to be sorry for. I honestly am thankful just to be here.”

“Well, just with the whole thing with Daniel being a bit aggressive… and then Allison maybe coming off a little strong. I
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Alex L.
I wish he would explain the mate bond to her. Poor thing, it’s not *bad* but I think she deserves an explanation to know shes not crazy.
goodnovel comment avatar
oohh the tension between these two! He probably doesnt want to feel he is abusing the mate bond by being all over her but she is getting mixed signals. ai hope they can find out more about the drugs she has been given
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Rosewood
Currently I’ve been doing Wed, Fri and Sun nights (Australia time) without issue. However, it may be subject to delays if a chapter isn’t ready though - I’m currently still writing the chapters as they’re being published which takes time. Thanks!

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