Book Two - Ch.# 35

“My name is Rheyna…,” I said. “Rheyna Knight.”

How strange to say it after all this time. It wasn’t something I felt all that connected to nor had any particular fond memories of. It was simply the only thing I could recall when the orphanage had asked me who I was. Just my name and nothing else. Not even my parents.

“Allison?” I asked when she still hadn’t spoken.

Something about the whole situation seemed off. The alarms in my head were still screaming at me to run… and yet I did my best to keep ignoring it.

Only… Allison now hadn’t moved. Almost as if she were frozen in place.

“Allison? Did you hear me?” I asked. “Aren’t you… aren’t you going to check your book?”

But with her eyes cast down, her lips started to whisper something very quickly that I couldn’t hear.

“…Allison? What are you….”

And it was as I took a step towards her that her eyes then suddenly snapped upwards, staring at me with an expression that took me aback. A hatred within them unlike anything I had ever seen.

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Sharni Sharp
Ooo hooked
goodnovel comment avatar
Okay so because she has Rhea’s essence passed down through her that’s why Allison attacked? Did I get that right?
goodnovel comment avatar
Amy Rebecca Rutter
I’m going have to stop reading for a bit( yes I knew the second book was ongoing when I started it!!!)but 1 chapter every few days doesn’t let the story flow enough for me

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