Book Two - Ch.# 48

“What?!” I yelled, feeling as if my legs were going to give out from under me. “What did you just say?”

“…You killed him,” she repeated, stating it in a matter-of-fact way. “Why are you so surprised? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so queasy about killing someone before.”

Was this some kind of sick joke? How could I not be surprised to hear that? I owed so much to Kieran that even the thought of ever physically hurting him seemed unthinkable.

“…Rheyna… the way you’re acting…,” she started, looking confused again. “It’s almost like… well, it’s just… you don’t have feelings for him, do you?”

Instantly, I became flustered feeling put on the spot. This conversation had taken such a turn that I didn’t know how to react.

“Well, I… I-I mean…,” I stuttered. “He did so much to help me….”

And Clarissa’s face paled even more, clearly not expecting that answer. “…I thought you were just joking. I never expected you of all people to fall for him, let alone give a shit about the mate bond. Rh
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Julie Quaife
Totally agree after it’s finished I for one will be deleting the app sick and tired of unfinished books
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Dawn Rosewood
New chapter out tomorrow! Same time frame as normal. Thanks
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Sorry was posting that to another book. But this one hasn’t been updated regularly at all. Think the author is sick but don’t know. It’s been a long time

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