Living in the Andrew's mansion

Erica McKenzie

Sex. I literally just saw Bryan Andrews fucking a girl. I gasped covering my mouth. The fact that I knew he saw me watching them made me face palm. The way the girl danced and moved on his laps, with the annoying sounds she was making made it obvious she was enjoying it. I should have left immediately I saw them, but my legs became heavy. I just can't place what I felt when Bryan turned her over and got on top of her.

He was totally brutal with the way he kept fucking her hard. I shuddered as the image kept replaying over and over again in my head. It will be nice to be fucked that way. No! I chided myself. That won't be happening.

The whole scenario kept repeating itself again in my mind.

"Are you okay?" My dad asked, I didn't realize I just zoned out.

"Erica, I will be going back to Miranda. You will be staying with the Andrews till you finish senior year."

"What?" I asked, not believing what my father just said. My dad was adopted by Mr Andrews mother at a very young
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