Strip Naked

Both of them were surprised, they never expected to meet again expecially not in a situation like this. Amy's heart began to thump and she wished the land could swallow her up at this moment.

This man had warned her not to show up before him again and that the next time she did, he would destroy her. Why was fate trying to punish her by bringing her to the attention of this man?

"You dared to appear before me again, you cunny woman," the most powerful man in NorthHill, Broderick Alessandro, said with a dangerous look.

Amy's mouth shiver on its own and she shook her head, "I... I never knew that you were the CEO, sir. I..." She swallowed hardly, "I...never knew."

Broderick didn't believe in her at all. There was no one who didn't know that the CEO of Alessandro's corporation was him. This woman even had the gut to lie to his face.

He stood from his seat and once Amy saw him stand to his feet, her heart thumped in fear and she stood still, thinking should she run away? Oh gosh
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Zya Dwayne Nagamos Alberto
the stories very interesting
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Bella Jersey
Starting to hit my sick button
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Fazela Emamdee
so interesting. story moving fast loving it

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