"I'll be going now." I said, then, quickly walked away.

"Where are you going?" He followed me and matched my pace.

"Any place without you," I said. I don't know why I am being harsh to him; I think I'm just comfortable to roast him. I am someone who takes care of what people might be sensitive about, I spoke nicely and with respect with everyone except my friends, I sometimes roast them because that's how friends do.

"Too bad because I will stick with you from now on," he chuckled.

"Don't you have anything to do?" I asked. I'm getting annoyed because I want to read and with him by my side, I won't be able to concentrate.

"I have now." He grins.

"Then go away, I'm busy." I walked much faster.

Of course, he is catch up again. "You are not gonna ask what is it?"  He looks at me, pleading and doing cute poses.

"No, I am not interested." I directly said.

"That's mean," he murmured.

"How is that mean?" I asked while still walking, why does it feel like the library felt so far?

"That's a mean thing to say to your friend," he said with his face like he is hurt. I looked at him unbelievably.

"How are we friends? You don't even know me." I scoffed. Is this Vaughn guy seriously nuts, or just bored?

"I know you, you’re Avis Clove. That means we're friends, right?" He said after looking at my ID, really bruh?

"I don't want to have an ugly friend."  I chuckled and look at the building in where the library is located.

"Sweet, that means we could be friends now." He grins and did a little hooray pose.

I laughed and shakes my head, "No, you are under qualified; you can’t even pass the screening process."

He retaliated and kept on complaining about my opinion on him until I am on the front of the library. He still kept on murmuring until he noticed where we were.  "What? Why are we in the library? Are you going to look for something?"

"Yes, we are looking for your brain." I did the process and the he did too in order to get inside. "Can I look for you heart here too?" He whispered.

"It's not here, I gave it to someone." I whispered back and laugh. We sat on the last row and I take out my book to read.

He also has his book that he just snatched from some shelves but didn't even open it. He leaned closer to mine and whispered, "To whom?"

I pretended to be irritated and looked back at him and take out my paper and wrote, 'shut up'.

He chuckled and takes my pen and paper. He wrote, "Tell me first," and draw a sad stickman next to it.

I just chuckled and mouthed, 'no way' and proceed to read the book. He kept on giving me sad faces but I just ignored him and read this good book.

After a full blow of reading book, I noticed he stopped and he fall asleep. I stared at him and noticed his features; he is actually handsome and cute at the same time. He looks very gentle when he is asleep. He has this long thin eyelashes and plum lips that every girl would be jealous of. He has fair skin and his hair look so soft. I would kill for his features to be mine, If she was girl, I bet she will be Aphrodite's descendant.

"Enjoying the view?" He suddenly opened his eyes and looked straight to mine.

I just laughed and said "Maybe."

This, being with him, might not be that bad.


That guy, Vaughn Hirsch. I can’t stop thinking about how he ruined my reading time, yet he is so fun to be with. I’m blowing my rants to Tess who’s sitting beside me doodling in her notebook. We are now in an empty classroom since there is no class. I left Vaughn in the library 30 minutes later. I guess he went in the field to play football because I saw someone again outside the library asking for him again.

“Uh-huh, he’s hot than Skylar.” She commented. I’m not talking about hotness. Jeez. I rolled my eyes.

“It is not about hotness.” I said.

“You know, I still don’t get why you like Skylar.” She said then looks at me.

“I mean he is quiet, arrogant, insensitive guy I’ve met and you like him for stupidly almost 4 years!” she exclaimed. She is actually overreacting. Skylar is not arrogant; he has just a truthful mouth. He is not quiet; he just doesn’t want to interact with so much people. He hates it. He is not insensitive; he actually cares to people around him.

I remember how he offers to walk me home back when we are in 10th grade, because it’s dark outside and its past 9. I thought he doesn’t care, but no. While walking, I noticed that everything seems much darker. The other post lights and streetlights went out, and some of it is blinking. I felt scared, but then I realized I was with Skylar, and he is beside me, and then I wasn’t scared any more. His presence makes me feel I’m safe.  That is also the time I fall for him. He walks me home after our group project in one of our classmates’ house. While walking, I smell his manly perfume. It is not too strong, that’s why I like it. He opened up a conversation about our project, and I answered him and commented to all he says. I heard him laugh when I say a funny thing comment about our project. That night I can’t sleep, I can’t get my mind off with his smell and laugh, and the way he talks. Then, I remember his features that I like, his blue eyes as blue as the sky above. So dark and deep that when you look at it too long you may get lost, and his hair like the hair of Leonardo Dicaprio when he was a teenager.

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