Flames Of Hate and Retribution

Flames Of Hate and Retribution

By:  That Guy  Ongoing
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Christopher Hayden a once proud soldier betrayed by the Kingdom he swore to protect, has been struggling to survive in a world he is no longer familiar with. By pure chance he rescues the princess of his former enemy Sarah EverHeart who is fleeing from a marriage she does not wish for. Desperate she requests Christopher's aid. Unaware of the debt she has taken on, Christopher pushes forward driven by two things. His feelings for his loved ones, and his unquenchable thirst for revenge against those responsible. Is he a curse? A savior? A hero done wrong? The one fact is he will bring the world to it's knees and watch it burn to deliver his hate and retribution while paving a path for the princess. A story that will bring happiness and sadness while bringing many mythical beings to life. Vampires, werewolves, spirits, elves and more. Will hate consume the once noble soul or can love bring him back from the brink during their struggle to survive? Just would like to take a moment to thank any of you who have been reading my book so far. I would appreciate any and all reviews, especially if you wish for it to continue. Also if you're enjoying this book, and possibly interested in an urban realistic feel free to check out my other book The Garden Of Rising Stars

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192 Chapters
Intro/Chapter 1
My day.. Let me tell you something about my day, It began like any other, which is to say bad, hell I'd go as far as to say miserable.  Since the start of the day I was harassed, Walked in on something I didn't want any part of, had a group of thugs try to kill me, and a stray princess was forced into my care... Today began as a miserable day, now that the day is over... god it has been a good day. Earlier in the morning. "Remember today not only are we celebrating the end of the war that has allowed our great nation to flourish, we will also be feasting to celebrate the great union between our Prince Halbert whom is the pride of our nation and the Emperor's daughter Princess Sarah Everheart" yelled a crier from atop the podium competing with the sounds of the market. 'Yes yes we get the message. I'm amazed he still has his voice'. The young man thought to himself. 'The poor stooge has been up there for the past week' announcing the same thi
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Chapter 2
"Giving this poor soul yet another lecture? Come on Angela cut the poor man some slack." a male voice said lightly. Angela and Christopher turned to look at the laid back voice. A tall muscular man with slicked back blonde hair strode up to them with his hands clasped behind his head. By all definitions... A pretty boy. Christopher himself was not bad looking but the way women mostly looked at him and Thomas was night and day. While Chris was fairly muscular himself he didn't have the bulging arms like Thomas and has Black shorter, messy spiked up hair and blue eyes. Not exactly an attention grabber compared to Thomas. Rich, Charismatic, and built like a stone wall. "Thomas you shouldn't encourage him! Things like that are one of the biggest reasons that most of the school looks down upon him, his attitude towards other students and classes. How many times now have they tried to throw him out. If not for Lady Cassandra they would have already had their way and he wou
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Chapter 3
"Hello Elise" The beautiful woman was now standing in front of him, with a beaming smile that could melt the hearts of anyone that was lucky enough to see it. He could say with certainty that it was a smile that would captivate any man and bend them to her will. Happily she was not that type of person though. "Hello handsome, turns out it was a good thing i delayed shopping for dinner today" "Haha" Christopher gave a feeble laugh unable to make eye contact with her, he couldn't help but to feel ashamed. She lifted him by his chin and smiled. "After the life you have lived, I'm amazed that you have come this far. Regardless of how you feel. I'm proud of you." As far as Christopher could think of there was three people in this world he honestly loved and would do anything for. She was the one thing that held him together when he thought he was no longer able to take it. She always knew what to do, what to say. ' I will always owe this angel my l
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Chapter 4
Christopher said his goodbyes to Elise and managed to get himself smacked a few more times for some of his off hand remarks. As he began making his way back home he found a public bench and decided to sit down and rest for a minute. He watched as everyone went about their business with smiles on their faces. 'How oblivious these people are.' Christopher couldn't help but to be envious of them. Going through their lives haggling, lifting, working their same routine never changing....Happy. He knew that Elise was right he had to at least try to take things more serious, many people in the world would give their left arm for the chance to attend the academy that he was going to. The same time his patience could only carry him so far. Everyday he had to endure favoritism and society ranking being shoveled in his face. There were multiple occasions their teachers would try to change facts award the right answer to some high ranking brat. Just as an example say the teacher asked a noble w
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Chapter 5
"HELP!"  Christopher knew this was not a good situation by any means. Anyone could recognize a shake down of this sort. The small group was surrounded and on top of it two of them seemed to be non combatants. That left only the two fighters standing in the front. As if things weren't stacked against the outnumbered group as it was. The fighters would have to defend themselves while also trying to protect dead weight. They may stand a better chance if they were alone with a single hand tied behind their backs. This situation... Christopher knew that this was the opportunity of a life time! It was the moment that one could set themselves above the rest, to put it all on the line for the greater good! To conquer ones fears and rise above evil! To be a hero! "Screw this." Mumbled Christopher. There was just one problem with that. Christopher had no urge to become a hero. It was the kind of thing that would just complicate his life or most likely end it. Eith
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Chapter 6
Even after witnessing the debatable innocent die in front of them the small group refused to give up and unsheathed their weapons the middle aged man pulled out a two handed sword, the Younger behemoth of a man pulled up a giant mace and readied it. He usually preferred to wield his mace with a shield but it would have drawn to much attention so he left it behind, although most people would agree the massive mace he was using would have drawn far more attention. The goons already had their weapons out and had assumed a fighting stance. When they heard a body hitting the floor all of the thugs smiled at the small group. "Janich now that's done come and join the fun." "Oh man I think Janich must be really sick! He isn't looking so good." Big boss man number one immediately turned around at the sound of the familiar voice. On the ground was not Christopher's body but the goon known as Janich with a hole stabbed into his throat. All eyes were drawn to the one eve
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Chapter 7
The Hooded girl began to vomit having just witnessed a mans head being ripped from his body. After the brief pause to take in what they had just witnessed her Guards came back to their senses. While the enemies attention was elsewhere and still had their backs turned the towering youth brought his mace down on the head of the man closest to him. Blood, bone fragments and brain tissue went flying in every direction some splattering the walls even a little had landed on the feet of the women present. The same time the middle aged man cut the head off the other with his Broadsword the head rolled around on the floor coming to rest near the remaining thugs. Now only two enemies remained, Big boss number one and another both caught in between Christopher and the small group.   Christopher stared down big boss man number one. Holding the head out in front of him, His emotionless face slowly began to turn into a smile. Big boss man felt something he had not felt since his
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Chapter 8
Half a boss man number one Still had not realized what happened to him.  Confused and sweating profusely he could not figure out why he was on the ground, All he did know is for some reason it felt like he had the wind knocked out of him. The thing was though nobody was near him that could have touched him. It was then he glanced to the side, laying next to him was half an arm and some ones legs. ' I wonder who those belong to.. Hey i got the same pair of pants...'  The moment half a boss man thought that, he began to feel and immense amount of pain.Chris slowly turned to face Half a boss man number 1 and squat down on the ground staring him in the eyes. Boss man could hardly believe this was the same man who he called out to. He had brought his own death down upon him. Chris glanced down next to him and his smile grew even more."You son of a bitch" whispered half a boss man. ' I remember hearing once that the grim reaper takes on many forms. Who would have
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Chapter 9
"Well alright then you have deal." "Your highness please tell me you're joking? You are entrusting your fate to someone who is clearly insane! Possibly mentally unstable." Braum whispered in her ear, as he eyed Christopher who was currently taking any valuables and money from the dead men he had just killed. "Crazy? Possibly I'll give you that much. But before you pass judgement you should walk a mile in that persons shoes." Chris shrugged talking over his shoulder. "Although not mentally unstable. Really id say what really stands out in my mind as crazy is the fact that for whatever reason i agreed to help you." "See! He even agrees he's probably crazy!" "Braum that's enough. You have to remember the entire reason for this situation is actually our fault. While i trust you, Garrett, and Vanessa more then anyone else alive, the fact is we need help if were going to get out of here." The middle aged man who's name was apparently Braum let out a deep si
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Chapter 10
The trip to his home was happily uneventful. Christopher had managed to persuade everyone to remove the hoods. Sure enough it was just as he said. Multiple patrols had passed right by them but none recognized the princess. Although she was technically one of the most prominent figures in the world. The leaders barely ever interacted with their people, if they didn't have someone there to announce their presence or flying their banner then nobody would be any the wiser. There was no way for them to just pull up a picture of her, and she had never taken place in court politics so very few nobles had ever even met her. "Well this is it. Try not to expect to much." Christopher announced once they arrived to his home. On the outside it looked to bluntly put it, completely unimpressive. There was nothing that made it stand out from others. It was not immaculate by any means, but also was not some run down hovel. If one was being completely honest it actually looked average when co
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