Once Upon Little

Once Upon Little

By:  Cendrillon1996  Ongoing
Language: English
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We all know about the year 2996, when the vampires were in charge but what happened before that? How did the vampire end up taking charge of the whole world? The year was 2886, and the vampires are taking over the whole world, but what about the humans who refused to obey? This is the origin of Dom and Littles Academy story, the humans have ruled for a long, but it's now time for them to step down, to be controlled and ruled. They are submissives, all of them, but what type of submissive are they? A little? A slave? A regular submissive? Or maybe a pet? Humans are getting classified, changed, and ruled, it's time for the submissives to take their position in the bottom. Warning this story contains little, ddlg, ddlb, violence, and fluff. Apologies for any misspelling or grammar mistakes.

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68 Chapters
1-Warning. Angel POV. I woke up to a message on my phone, no one texts me, not my work friends, they don't like me that much and I don't like them either, I'm a twenty-three-year-old girl, with no friends or family, I'm someone who lives in this world all alone, it's just me, myself and I. I looked at my phone and saw the message from the government, that's never good, I live in America, it's the land of dreams, the land of fucked up government, and I don't care what others would say.The year is 2886, and the world is still the same as it ever was, it's just another day, and the sun still shines every morning, and sets every night, humans have to get up every morning and go to sleep every night, we have to work and we have to eat, and pay bills, our life is the same as the ancient ones before us, nothing has changed, you'd think a nuclear war would have changed our minds or the way we look at the world, but we didn't, we built the world all over again and we continued from the poi
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Angel POV. I went to sleep later that night, I was exhausted, I know my job seems to be stupid and easy, but it's so hard, and it's time-consuming, I spend my whole day paying attention to what's said, and obeying rules, I love structures but deep inside I'm a brat, and I hate obeying rules, I hate the fact that I have to do as I'm told the whole time, I hate paying attention the whole time, sometimes all I want to do is just daydream or maybe read a story or watch a show on my phone.I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night, my phone is going crazy, I open one eye and look at the phone, it's another warning from my government, didn't our president just die? Who the hell is taking care of all the warning messages, I groaned and tried to go back to sleep, I didn't care, we're under attack, and whatever attack we're under can wait for me to wake up, I muted my phone and went back to sleep, I was exhausted. I woke up the next morning and did the same routine all over again, I had
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Angel POV. I fell asleep on the sofa, with the TV turned on trying to listen to any news, trying to stay safe, hoping I'd stay safe until I could make up a plan and get away, I didn't have a family, I didn't have any friends to run to or ask them for help. My mother gave me up on birth, she's an addict, not drugs but it's on the adrenaline, she's out there somewhere jumping from a plane or free diving up from some hill. My father on the other side is an alcoholic, my mother gave birth to me as an adult, she tried pregnancy and delivery and then she was done, while my father was and stayed the same alcohol lover. He named me after his favourite stripper, he took terrible care of me, it's a big miracle that I grew up enough to leave the house and take care of myself, making a future for myself.I woke up and looked at my phone there were no more warning messages anymore, maybe the government had given up, hopefully, this thing would be put under control soon and we'd get to go back to
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Angel POV. This morning's announcements were crazy, they are crazy, I don't believe there are vampires, but I'm not going out to check, I'm not going to go around asking, who would I talk to? Years later the nuclear war was still causing trouble all over, it got some people to go insane, they thought they were vampires, what's coming next? Werewolves and fairies? If we get to choose, I'm going to be a fairy for sure, I'll be Tinkerbell really, I'd fly around and sing forever young.I stayed inside for the day looking at the TV, keeping up with the news, there wasn't any analysis today, no one to say that the vampires are a lie or that it's the aliens all over again, but there was no one, which felt weird, but not too weird. I turned the social media, if the news wasn't going to tell me what was going on, I'm sure that social media would, it's the same as it always was, it's people all over the world telling their stories, or telling lies, depends who you're looking at and watching.T
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Angel POV. I obeyed and stayed inside, I wasn't one to go out looking for troubles, I didn't want any troubles, I was good staying at home really, but I also was keeping up with the news, I was listening to William over and over again, I'm waiting for their next announcement, to see what they're up to. On the other side, there were some people who decided to riot, they were all over the streets, even the one near home if I looked up from the window I could see them out, they had guns and they wanted to take over, it's vampires, what are they fighting over?"Humans, you're acting like spoiled children, please, this is the last time we announce anything calmly, get back home, now," William ordered us, but I was home, that didn't include me, I got another bowl of cereal ready as my dinner, I wasn't in the mood to cook anything. My phone rang and I looked at it, it's another announcement that sounded more of a threat this time, they were done warning, and they had moved to threatening
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Angel POV. After the bus stopped, we were welcomed into the facility, what I'm going to call it, it's a facility, that looks very similar to the companies we have and I work in, the girl who was sitting next to me pushed me to get out of the bus first, she was all ready to meet William, but he wasn't here, or at least I couldn't see him yet."Welcome everyone, good morning girls," a guy welcomed us as we got off the bus, he's right, we're all girls how didn't I pay attention to that as I got in?"Good morning, where's William?" Full Glam asks right away and she is met with a cold glare. "Please do not speak unless spoken to, William is busy he'll be here later on," the guy says shutting her up along with the rest of us, not speaking without being spoken to."Now girls, everyone's eyes on me," the same guy says getting everyone's attention while full glam was fuming off with anger. "My name is Victor, and I'm your guide for today, please stay at all times with your group, and keep y
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Angel POV. I woke up, and I felt very groggy, I had no idea where I was, but I knew that the doctor had injected me with something, I'm not sure what he had inside the needle that he stabbed my thigh with, but I was awake now and I'm not very happy about it, I whined and groaned, I felt like I have been sleeping for too long, maybe a whole day or more.I opened my eyes and looked around, I wasn't in my room, I wasn't in my house or over my bed or even sofa, I'm asleep in the bus, the same bus I took this morning to get here to the facility, I looked around and saw most of the girls were awake, mostly the ones who went before me, only a couple are still asleep, but starting to wake up, who brought us here? I can't remember any of that, how did I end up here."Good morning girls," Victor says joining us in the bus, everyone is awake by now, it's been another thirty minutes since I woke up, and the rest are up as well. "How did we end up here?" Full Glam asks out loud. "You sweetie, I
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Angel POV. I turned the TV off, and I decided that I didn't want to watch anymore, I didn't want to see William or hear him talk about killing us, about him being in charge and everything, I decided it was best to just ignore the TV for a while, not to hear it, but I was running low on money and supplies, and I didn't know where life was going next, maybe I should go to my old work and pray to god I haven't gotten kicked out. I decided that I should try, I should get ready and go, I still got my car, and I knew the way there, nothing wrong with trying, worse case scenario is I get told off and I go back home and start searching for another job. I got ready to get to work, I wore my fancier clothes, brushed my hair and even tried to style it, if I had to beg back for my work I wanted to be able to do it with style, once I was ready, I sprayed some perfume and left the house, I got into my car and started the long drive toward my old job.The roads were empty, and there were hardly an
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Angel POV. The police guy drove after me, I led the way toward my home, I wasn't really sure if I should show him where I lived or not, but I knew that I didn't have any other place to take him to, that home was my one and only place, I didn't have anywhere else to go. I drove slowly, too worried about the police driving behind me this time, I made it home in forty minutes, I parked the car and he parked behind me as well, I got out of the car and he did the same."Is this where you live?" he says not too happy looking at the buildings around, I know it's not the best area ever, but it's the one I could afford and it's my home. "Yeah," I nod my head assuring him this is it, I'm waiting for him to leave, I look at him waiting for him to get back in his car and leave. "I'm walking you to your apartment of course," he says with a smile, and I decided to decline. "I can go there alone, thank you for following me here, I felt very safe," I say with a bit of sass, I'm home and he can't
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Angel POV. "But let me explain," I begged them, they had me sitting in the backseat, they locked the doors and I couldn't get out of there, they weren't listening, and the only thing that they said to me was that I disobeyed and I deserve this, whatever this is. "Shut up," the guy in the front scolded me when I wouldn't shut up, trying to explain to them what happened to me, was there something I should have obeyed but I didn't.I was on the verge of tears, no I wasn't on the verge, tears were starting to gather in my eyes and I was about to cry, well to sob out loud, I was a good girl, I hadn't been doing anything that I shouldn't be doing, I was hiding home the whole time, the only reason I left was to get some grocery if I had enough food, I wouldn't have left, I'm good just hiding for a very long time. They didn't take me to the same facility as before, although the road was very similar to that one, this time they took me toward a building in the middle of the city, these are
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