Chapter 29 – A Run Full Of Confessions


It is 2 weeks ago since I gave birth to my beautiful babies, and today we are going for our first checkup. Liam is coming into the nursery and goes to get Zack from the bed, putting him on the small couch, and dressing him, while I do the same to Zara. Both are already fed so we are ready to leave.

The drive there only takes 10 minutes. And when we arrive there we see shown into a room right away. It doesn’t take long before Dr. Marshall joins us, smiling brightly.

“My king, miss Perl. It’s good to see you both. Today I will just look over the pups fast, and then check if you have healed as you are supposed to."

“Hello, Dr. That sounds good.” He nods his head.

“What about I check your pups while you change into this.” He hands me a hospital gown. I agree and go to change, while Liam stays in the room with the pups and Dr. Marshall.

When I come back they are smiling as Liam is

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Jess Katinas
my favorite chapter!
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Selly Langemeijer
They both have been through so much heartbreak and deserve to be happy and loved!

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