117| 'I do'

Amaira's POV

Christian thought for two minutes before speaking up to announce his decision.

"Momma," he said, and my eyes closed in defeat. I wasn't expecting him to pick her like that.

"I love my mother, but I want to be with my cutie pie..." He said this while pointing at me, forcing my eyes open.

Did he express a desire to live with me?

Dominic, who stood beside me, squeezed my palms. His hands turned numb, showing that he was more nervous than I.

"She is extremely nice to me. She has never beaten me like momma, she has never punished me by locking me in a dark room, she has given me a lot of chocolates and cookies that I love," he said innocently. "If I go to Momma, she will start beating me again and refuse to feed me. Cutie pie is the polar opposite of her; she even risked her own life to save me from that monster Austin. I will only be with her" He dashed up to me and hugged my legs.

Stella called out to him as she noticed him hugging my legs, but he was not ready to listen.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Finally there wedding happened............ and I am in soo love with Christian ......... he is so cute...
goodnovel comment avatar
Rockeeba Moore
That was so beautiful and I love lil christen he is such a wonderful kid.i love this chapter
goodnovel comment avatar
pooja karayat
awwww.....i m so in love with Christian...sure he will become a charmer..well am i the only one who wants a story on Christian also...

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