Chapter 15: Snowy running amok again

When General Valencia heard that, his brows instantly knitted into a frown. He wasn't really in the mood to go to the Royal Palace after what happened between him and the King. But as the current General, he still has the duty to serve the citizens of Esperanza Kingdom.

That is why even though he didn’t want to see the disgusting face of that bastard Alejandro, he still needed to go.

General Valencia's gentle aura suddenly turned serious. He stood up while putting a straight face.

He then looked at Frost and the old General.

"Unfortunately, I still have to go. And I might hate to see that jerk's face, I still need to go. I will leave you here for a moment.” General Valencia said to them.

The old General nodded at his son then he nonchalantly said, "Go."

General Valencia bowed to his father and was about to walk when he heard his niece talk.

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