Chapter 42: Ancient Phoenix

The giant snake beast was eyeing Frost dangerously. Its other eye was bleeding and a dagger was buried in it. Anger can be seen in its eyes.

Its huge body tightened on Frost again.


Frost can feel her bones being broken. With the tightness of its grip on her, she would not be surprised if even her ribcage was broken.

Frost stared at the extremely close-up face of the giant snake beast. She suddenly lifted her hand, grabbed the dagger that was buried in its other eye, and stabbed it again.

The giant snake beast hisses loudly.

She can feel its huge body that was wrapping her slender body loosened. She used that opportunity to jump up, she then landed on the ground.

Frost's eyes were sharp as she decisively took out a powder on her interspatial ring. She then throws it to the giant snake beast. The giant snake's beast body trembled. The ground also began shaking.

After she did that, Frost instantly ran. The powder she threw on it was not just an ordinary powder. It was a poison sh
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Dana Schneider Dubé
love this story so much but need updates!
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Fruz Li
need update please
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