A week more had passed by with Mr. Alex teaching me combat and fighting stance in our private lessons. Even though it was extremely exhausting for me to work constantly, and my body was literally breaking down, I could not dare to back down.

“You need to take me down now.” Mr. Alex stood two feet away from me and announced, “to make it fair, I will be using only one hand and you are allowed to use all your limbs to take me down.”

“That does not sound fair.” I muttered, grinning. Wouldn’t it be too easy?

“When you have as much experience as me, kiddos like you start to look like ants that I would absolutely crush if I used all my power.” Mr. Alex retorted smugly.

“Alright. Let’s see about that.” I laughed and pushed forward to attack.

My first move was to throw a punch at his face, which he immediately dodged, as I had expected. His arm shot out to grab me which I tried to fight off as if the arm was a "thing." It was like a wild animal that was trying to eat me. I tried to lunge
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Patricia Garcia
I really love your book. Thank you.
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Im hooked and wait for the updates constantly
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Lesley Ranquist
that's true, I didn't think of that, I'm just too excited for when that comes! haha I love this book, thank you for all your hard work!

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