She had not been there at the street when I had entered gone there looking for her. I vaguely remembered going through the whole ball hall to try and find her before walking out in the street. She had been nowhere. What was going on?

“Lara?!” whispered in a low tone, hoping that she had not gotten in trouble with me.

My heart could not stop thumping hard. The anxiety was making me have a panic attack. My throat dry, mind filled with all the bad, terrifying things that could have happened or will be done to me or Lara.

Who had abducted me? It was not easy to gain entry in Alessio’s pack. And with the alpha meet event, the security had been a tight one. No one could gain entry or go out without proper solid check.

How had it been so easy for someone to abduct me? And how in the hell did I fall for the same fucking trap again?!

I always believe people so easily. I always make the same mistake of caring about others even though the gut feeling inside me tells me to do otherwise.

What can
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