‘Misha…?’ I croaked through the heavy slumber.

Again, there was nothing but silence.

‘Please, Misha.’ I whispered.

Disappointment and anger were filling me now. I could not move at all. My helplessness was perhaps showing even on my face as I fought to stay conscious even through the pain that was engulfing me completely.

If only I could come in contact with Misha, I could shift, fight my way out, or at least, get better faster with my wolf healing powers. I could also try to mind link with Alessio. But like every other damn time, Misha had betrayed me when I needed her the most.

But it was probably not her fault. She must be suppressed by these assholes already so I don’t fight back.

Plan A was to wake Misha up by putting my own life at risk. Failed.

Just got injured badly.

When lives were threatened, our wolves usually come out to protect the human form as wolf form is stronger. But there was no sign of Misha until the very moment I fell unconscious.

Plan B, try to get in touch
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