Part 1: Chapter 13


This man is going to be the reason my heart gives out one day. The kiss in his truck did a lot more than leave me flustered - I wanted him to do all sorts of filthy things to me and not stop. God, I’m pathetic, aren’t I?

When the elevator door closes, Nikolai pushes me against the mirrored wall and cages me in by placing both of his palms against it on either side of my head.

“You know, I can promise to keep my hands off you, but you will need to do something about your lust, little Rogue.” He says as his eyes flash silver, pressing his hard body against mine. “Do you want me to rip your clothes off right here and now, or will you reel in your scent?”

“S-sorry…” I mutter, trying to think of naked old people and failing. “I didn’t mean-”

“That’s okay; at least I know I can make you feel like this without so much as a touch. Although I want to do more than fucking touch you.” He says, then steps back, laces his fingers with mine and walks out into his familiar penthouse.

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