Dimitri and Arya Short Epilogue - 5 Years Later


I watch the sun set over Paris and sigh, knowing this would be our final night here. Arya’s paintings and art have become world-renowned, and in that, we haven’t been able to focus much on ourselves.

The last few years have been a whirlwind, so much so that we haven’t been able to focus on ourselves or starting a family together. Sure, everyone back home understands, and so do I, but I can’t help but feel a sliver of disappointment at where our lives have led us.

I want a family with my mate; I want us to settle down and get our lives together. However, I can’t force this on Arya. But I know that I will need to speak with her about this soon. Even as my wolf knots her each time we make love, nothing has come of it. Is it my fault? Is my body too weak?

A head leans against my back. “Hey, Mitya,” came the voice of my angel, alluring as usual. I turn around to face her, about to offer her a fake smile, when I see the tears in her eyes and her bottom lip trembling.

“Arya, what-”
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Did they ever find Kaia??
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Latrachia Russey
what about kaia?
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What was the vision?

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