16: Aidan's decision

Kayla's POV

“ I told you to stay in your room,” Aidan said with a growl, making me wonder about what was wrong with him.

“ I didn’t, you don’t get to tell me what to do. I’m not your servant.” I retorted and he smirked.

“ Oh I see, then I guess that you already know why I’m here.” He said with a smirk. Now I was confused, before I left, he was telling his mother that he wouldn’t reject me. Why does it seem like he’s come to do the opposite?

“ What do you mean?” I asked, trying not to freak out just in case the worst-case scenario occurs.

“ Oh…you left early.” He said with an evil grin. What has gotten into him?

“ Well let me tell you and tell you clearly, your father might’ve been able to deceive mine and make him think Rogues are good people but I know what they truly are, they’re a perversion to everything a wolf should be. So are you. I can’t have an Omega, a rogue, and a weakling as a mate, it’s as simple as that. So…I’m sorry but I’m going to have to reject you.” He said with
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Katlyn Graciale
Ok this story is not making any sense, Aidan goes from good guy to straight shity all of a sudden so friggin stupid like a complete 180 in seconds

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