107: One last happy memory

Kayla's POV

" You're what?" I gasped when I found the person who screamed like that. Hector was behind me the whole time and he wasn't saying anything.

" I'm pregnant" she squealed. I didn't understand, she is nineteen but excited about a pregnancy. Is she ready for this? I guessed that she must be seeing the way she was so happy about the news. Max on the other hand was terrified. He didn't say it but his face told the story.

" Wow, congratulations Sapphire," I said, hugging her but she didn't hug me back.

" I know you don't think I'm ready for a baby"

" I just think maybe you should discuss this with Max. I mean, how did you find out anyway?"

" The child's heartbeat and yes, I have already talked about it with Max. He's so terrified!" She said laughing a little too loudly before she noticed Hector standing behind me.

" Hector...are you okay?" She asked and Hector nodded before he playfully poked her stomach and said, " guess I'm going to be an uncle soon"

" Yeah, and maybe one d
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