26 || Bestest friend

I pace in front of Amelia’s parents house. I lied. Ten days is too long to wait. Did she really expect me to stay away for that long? 

The sound of a hiccup draws my attention to my son sleeping in the baby carrier slung to my chest. Even his hiccups sound cute. Still asleep, he suckles the air. I brush the tip of his nose with my pinky finger, and he pouts. I might have brought him as a peace offering. Amelia can’t be mad if she sees her godson. 

That thought lends me courage to knock for the first time. I’ve been here for ten minutes. But when the door opens, I plaster a fake smile and act like I just got here.

“Hey, Cathy.” Ashley steps out. Her face is tired, and she has aged since the last time I saw her. She sizes me up. “You look weird.” 

“It’s the makeup,” I exclaim. It’s not only the makeup. It’s my entire appearance. I’m also not used to it. She hums in

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Erica Boeh
I had to go into my room to read this chapter I just knew I’d be balling my eyes out…. Big ugly cry with snot and all lol. I need her to live damn it
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Strong Ellie
So many tears for this chapter! I am happy she showed up early, but sad because I don't want to loose her! I am talking like I know her in person. Death is such a hard, but to watch someone you know go from happy and healthy to frail is harder than losing some one to a sudden death. ......
goodnovel comment avatar
Noel Young
Will she be happy again? Why is Calum such a wuss?

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