Chapter Thirteen: Live with me


Soon they were parked in front of Ninth heaven and Reyna looked at him cautiously. As if sensing her thoughts, Niko glanced at her, “it’s day time and ninth heaven only takes day time meeting bookings by this time so you can be rest assured that your ‘reputation’ would be untainted” he said his emphasis on reputation didn’t escape her attention.

The man from earlier led them down hallways and stopped at a door on the second floor. Like she had guessed, they didn’t go to the underground.

There was a man in the room and he looked up as the both of them entered and nodded, Reyna had no idea who he was nodding at but out of courtesy, she nodded at him and smiled at Niko when he led her to a chair.

“Give her a copy” Niko said as he picked a copy of the contract and sat on the other side in the room.

Since it involved her freedom, she read every page carefully and it was only when she was sure that she was fine with every term there and all that she finally nodded her he
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