Chapter 138

“Just as I said to you, it’s none of your business. “Niko said as he brought out his phone and swiped through it.

Jeremy looked at him with a raised brow, if it was his daughter that he was sleeping with, if it later turned out to be his daughter, he would sue him for assaulting an underage daughter.


Reyna was deep in her sleep, sprawled across the bed until a buzzing sound echoed in the house that jolted her out of her bed. Her eyes went wide open as she sat up on the bed, looking back and forth of her sides before standing up.

A different kind of headache hit her, making her clench her jaw as she opened the door and stepped out of her room. The more she moved towards the door, the louder the sound got.

“What the heck is this?” she muttered to herself with a frown lacing her face.

She opened the door that led outside to see the whole security standing outside. She etched her brows up as she closed her eyes and reopened them. The sound stopped abruptly, making her da
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