When Camille turned towards the voice, she wasn't sure what scared her more; the enormous Draygonian male towering over her or the creature approaching her.

It took just a split second for her mind to register that the creature wasn't something she had seen before and it was the size of a large dog. Instead of fur though, it had smooth skin like a snake. Thick muscled legs gave way to giant paws that looked like they belonged on a tiger or lion. The body was similar to a dog with a broad chest, thick neck with what appeared to be gills that opened and closed with each breath and a long thick tail that flicked like a cat's tail would. Its head was equally unusual. Camille had never seen an animal like it. It was similar to the head of a komodo dragon but much larger and the maw was a little stubbier. Two black eyes watched her curiously as the nostrils flared to take in any scents sitting in the air. Whatever it was was a sandy colour with darker spots much like a leopard.

The sight
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