Chapter 2



Family. Honor. Loyalty.

These are the three things that are of great significance in our world.

I was Luciano Costello's firstborn and the only son, Nikolai Sin Costello. Luciano Costello had been the most feared don of New York City and now in his place, I was. I was destined to be a ruler, I was raised to be merciless, ruthless. It's the only way around in our world.

The first time, I killed a man, I was only seven years old. My father had his first kill when he was twelve. I took over the mafia at the age of twenty-six, I took over before he had passed, my father took over the mafia after my grandfather passed away, pops was forty-two at the time. I was feared more than my father and I saw it as another one of my achievements.

I intended to surpass my father in every way possible.

My father carried the legacy of the underworld from his father. Which my grandfather inherited from his father and so on. We had ruled for generations and I intend to rule and carry on the Costello lineage. After Luciano Costello retired, he passed down everything to me, from the dirty money, drug, and political connections to our group of companies that covered all of our illegal work and turned all our black money into white. Costello Group Of Companies was the perfect cover.

I picked up a glass tumbler from my desk and drank the whiskey. The liquid danced in my mouth for a few seconds before allowing itself to seep down to my throat, the burning sensation teased my throat. Reclining back in my seat, I placed both of my legs over the table.

Two of my men... They were my men until they decided to betray me. I watched with satisfaction as they were getting tortured to death in the next room. This special torture chamber was divided from my office by a one-way mirror.

This torture chamber was hidden behind the bookshelf of my office, specifically designed for traitors. Disloyalty just rubbed me off the wrong way, the one thing I could never forgive my people for is betrayal.

I took great pleasure in their pain. Their agony-filled screams were like music to my ears. The satisfaction that gave me was unmatched.

The door to my office creaked open. Selena pushed her head in, keeping her gaze steadily on me. She knew better than to look around to see what was going on.

"Mr. Costello, Mr. Ramirez is here to see you"

I sighed, pouring myself another glass of whiskey. "Send him in"


People came to see me for favors. I granted them favors and in return, they would sell their souls to me. That is how I got the nickname “The Devil”.

Ramirez walked in, sweating like a pig. He heard the painful groans and his headshot in the direction of the one-way mirror. I could visibly see his adam's apple bobbing up and down with fear. I knew the smell of fear all too well. Most men reeked of it whenever they came to see me.

"Don Nik" I breathed out.

"Only my friends call me Nik, Ramirez. You and I... I don't remember us being friends"

He nervously laughed. "My apologies, Don Costello"

"What brings you here, Ramirez?"

"I needed a favor, Don"

"You know what asking me for a favor means, Ramirez? Your soul will belong to me"

"I'm aware. I'm desperate, I need help. I will do anything you'd want me to" he said, desperation exuded from his body.

I watched the barely alive men behind the mirror, crying like the cowards they were, asking for mercy, asking for forgiveness. They knew I don't forgive traitors yet they went on and betrayed me anyway.

"You see that?" I pointed toward the big, muscular men who were now reduced to whimpering, bloody messes. "This is what happens when someone crosses me"

"Don Costello, I swear on my daughter's life, I will do anything you'd want me to do. Just help me, get me out of this problem"

I savored his misery a bit more before I gestured for him to continue.

He nodded, and a smile covered his face. He slid back a chair to sit down but I raised a hand stopping him before he does.

"I don't remember telling you to sit"

The smile fell from his face before he pushed the chair back in its place and kept standing before me.

"It's about my daughter, Don Costello. I got into a fight with my landlord, I couldn't pay rent for this month. I didn't have the money. He..." his voice broke. "He took my daughter. She is just fifteen, he is holding her against her will until I pay him the rent. I don't know what he did to her if he hurt her or..." he started to cry. "Please, help me, Don Costello"

I nodded. I got my feet off the table and poured another glass of whiskey before sliding it across the table. "Take it" I ordered, he wiped his tears and took the glass.

"Consider it handled, Ramirez. Your daughter and your little rent problem"

He grinned like a fool and made his way around my desk. He bowed in front of me and held out his hand. It was a gesture of gratitude and respect. He wanted to kiss my family ring on my finger. I let him and then swatted him away.

"That would be all, Ramirez. I'll call upon you when I need you to do something"

"Forever at your service, Don Costello"

He placed a hand on his heart and walked out of my office.

I had men ready to give their lives for me at my single order all around the world. They gave me their lives and in return, I took good care of their families and friends. Their women and children were taken under our wing. Given that, their respect for me increased tenfold.

I pulled out my cellphone and called Declan. I told him what needed to be done for Ramirez and then hung up. I don't have to tell him how to do his job, I just needed to order and Declan knew what to do next. By this time tomorrow, Ramirez will own the house he lives in and will have his daughter back.

My phone rang as I placed it over the table. I checked the caller ID and placed the phone next to my ear.

"Father..." I voiced.

"Nik, have you forgotten about your old man? I haven't seen you in days." my father's authoritative voice came from the other end.

"I will come to visit soon" I glanced at the two men, slowly bleeding to their death, still toed to their chairs. "I've been busy dealing with some minor problems"

"Your mother misses you, and it's high time I act on the word I gave to Paul Russell. His daughter isn't getting any younger,"

He was persistent in getting me married as soon as possible. I had no problem with it, all I needed was an heir, love was not in the cards for men like me. The timing just seemed off every time he brought up the marriage.

"I don't have time for marriage right now, father"

"Nonsense, you will make time! You need a queen to rule by your side."

I snickered. Paul Russel's daughter Grace Russel was anything but a queen. From what I know that whore has been used by most of the men of New York City.

"Father, I'll come to visit you soon. Just give me some time" I ran a hand through my hair as my frustration got the best of me.

"I'm afraid you don't have any more time, Nikki" he used the nickname that I hated. He always used it to assert his dominance, letting me know that he will always be superior to me just because he is my father. "I need a grandson. You need an heir, a successor. I'm not going to see the end of the Costellos just because my son can't stick to one woman"

"Father, I---"

He cut me off. "Just get married, impregnate the girl then continue fucking your whores or whatever you do"

"I don't think Paul Russel would appreciate me using his daughter for an heir..."

"Paul Russel is a scum, he cares only about his association with us, he doesn't give a rat's ass about his girl."

"Her name is Grace, right?" I asked

"Ah, yes, you've met her before at the New Year's---"

"Yes, I have..." the woman annoyed the shit out of me, "Quite a loquacious woman"

"Once she will become the wife of Nikolai Sin Costello, she will know when to keep her mouth shut" he took a deep breath. "The Russels are coming next month. They expect an engagement if not a marriage, make sure to be there"

A muscle in my jaw twitched. "I'll be there"

I hung up the phone and frustratedly tossed it over my desk. Grace Russell was a wanton woman, a slut. A whore who will open her legs for anyone who has a little power and authority. She was a used-up whore, who didn't even deserve a time of my day.

She was a good fuck and that's all she will ever be. She was not the kind of woman a man of my status should get married to.

I'm pretty sure most of my men have used her too. I liked my girls clean, I have my own personal whores who were to please me and only me. I didn't like to share my women. The girls that serve me don't have permission to even touch their own selves without my order. I'd rather marry one of my whores than marry Grace Russell.

Scott walked through the door, his hair disheveled, his lips swollen, his tie halfway opened and his perfectly crisped white shirt creased up. It didn't take a genius to figure out where he was coming from.

Scott Baldoni was my underboss, my second in command. No one trusted Scott was the man for the job after his father had pulled that stunt, but to me, that only proved his loyalty. I trusted him with my life and no can change my mind about him, no matter how much my own father had tried.

Scott and I grew up together, and went to the same boarding schools, we were brothers. His loyalty meant a lot to me.

"Hey, man!" he had a goofy grin on his face.

"Wipe that creepy-ass grin from your face," I grumbled, loosening my tye.

He glanced back at the almost dead guys and whistled. "What got your panties in a twist?"

"Do you know how wrong the word panties sounds when coming out of your mouth?"

"Not more wrong than it sounds coming out of yours" he laughed. "What's wrong, Nik? You seem cheerier than usual" Scott asked, settling on the seat opposite me and placing his legs on the table.

"Grace Russell!"

"Oh, America's biggest cunt?" Scott asked, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I really want to punch that grin off his fucking face so bad.

"Dad gave Paul Russell his word"

"Wow, you are fucked, my man," he joked.

"You are not helping," I said

He took off his legs and leaned ahead. He placed his elbows over his knees, his face turned serious. "Give me an order? What would you like me to do, boss?"

"Fuck! I don't know!"

I picked up the glass tumbler and threw it on the wall. My father gave Paul his word. In our world, it was like a fucking blood oath.

"Father gave Paul his word!"

Scott stood up and crossed his arms over his chest. "No Grace Russell, no word, no problem, boss"

I contemplated his suggestion for a few minutes. "Let me figure out another way before we agree on killing the girl"

"Just let me know when you change your mind"

My phone vibrated against the glass table again. I picked up the call and silently listened to what Lorenzo had to say.

"It's done, boss. We painted the town red..." he laughed

I smirked, a harmless wording, which means to have immense fun but whenever Lorenzo said that he painted the town red, it meant he literally painted it with the blood of our enemies.

"Good, I'll be there in the morning..."

I hung up the phone and picked up my car key and wallet from the table.

"Scott, I want Trixy in my bed waiting for me when I get home" I ordered. "Naked and ready"

Scott saluted me before he walked out of the office. I fucking needed something to blow off this steam.

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