Chapter 28


“This is a birthday party?” I sputtered, choking on my drink a second time.

Olive shrugged, her lips downturned and expression utterly unimpressed. Thinking back to the photos of her on the Link, the ones of her perched in front of a mountain of presents, I could understand her lack of reaction. Her entire childhood had been wrought with parties like this one.

Even so, I couldn’t hide my amazement at the raucous event taking place just fifty feet away.

We stood at the entrance of Holden’s driveway, just beyond the iron gates with their razor-sharp points. Since the castle—house he lived in sat atop a large hill, it was easy to see the sheer number of people that had come for his birthday celebration.

“Didn’t anyone in your old pack have birthday parties?” Olive said only half-jokingly, taking a two-second-long break from scanning the waves of people to meet my gaze.

I snorted quietly and tugged the hem of the dress I wore back down my thighs. “None I was ever invited to.”

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