Chapter 34


“What exactly is it that you’re doing?”

Violet never seemed to react the way I expected.

Hearing my voice, she let out a low string of curses, then threw her head back and groaned loudly.

People were predictable, even more so once you learned their habits and motivations, but not Violet. Despite how much I thought I knew her; she’d already managed to surprise me more than once.

Violet was an enigma, one I initially hadn’t cared to find out, but what kind of predator didn’t do its research on its prey?

“You made me lose count.” She muttered. “I’ll have to start all over again.”

Flustered, she flung her mane of curls over her shoulder. The strap of the silk nightgown she wore slid down her arm, flashing but an inch of the curve of her breast. I peeled my eyes off of the patch of milky skin and stared at the back of her head.

“Start over?” I questioned; my tone indifferent even though I was intrigued with what she was doing.

Really, she could’ve made this much faster by elab
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