Chapter 47

Hael’s P.O.V.

From the sidelines, in a box cut off from the rest of the crowd, I watched Cole and another werewolf fight. There was something satisfying about seeing Cole shed his charismatic side, the one that made him friendly and approachable, and take on the form of a monster.

Cole took as many blows as he dealt, but my future Beta was more than capable of handling himself in a fight. Every time his opponent would land a punch, drawing blood from some part of Cole’s body, he’d let out a laugh that bordered on insanity. Every opponent he faced balked at the sound of that laugh, remaining pale until the moment Cole left them flat on their back, unconscious and bloodied.

Before long, I found myself stepping up to the circle, tilting my head at Cole’s shell-shocked expression.

“Shit, dude. You’re fighting tonight?” He asked.

It had been a while since I’d fought in the ring. There aren’t many werewolves stupid enough to go up against a future Alpha, but the ones that were did so thinki
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Alyssa Saxton
Same here...
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Anna Lauren Vickery
the new chapter won't load. it says failed and has been saying this for days. any ideas on how to fix this?
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Anna Lauren Vickery
yes same here.

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