Chapter 50

Violet’s P.O.V.

I woke a second time with a start, slapping a hand over my chest as I registered a presence in my room. Groggy, and with sleep clouding my eyes, at best all I could make out was a hazy figure. Blinking rapidly, my vision cleared, and I was left staring at Sylvia’s contemplative face.

“Apologies, dear.” She said silkily, tapping away at the screen of her phone.

She didn’t sound all that sorry, but I didn’t take offense to it. This was her house, after all. Besides, Elijah had already warned me about how she was.

Sylvia looked up from her phone, smiling softly before tucking it away in the pocket of her charcoal blazer. The make-up that painted her face was light and airbrushed, perfectly tailored to her high cheekbones and slender nose. She had that effortless natural look that many women tried and failed to achieve, but it only made sense considering she had a team of stylists at her disposal.

“Good morning?” I yawned, combing my fingers through my hair.

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