Chapter 54

Violet’s P.O.V.

Holden ended up taking us back to his car, which smelled so much like him that I wanted to burrow into the seats and never come out. It held every sultry note of his masculine scent, along with the faint undertone of salt and sea spray. For a second, I felt sad that he hadn’t been my intended mate, but I forced the thought to the very back of my head.

I didn’t ask where we were going because I simply didn’t care. I sank into the seat and let the husky sound of Holden’s voice wipe away the night and morning I’d had. Halfway into the drive, he pulled out his phone and gave Olive a call. How he had her number, I wasn’t sure, but I figured it wasn’t too hard to get the information in a town like this.

I could hear her shrill voice on the other end, demanding to know where I was and if I were alright. Sure enough, my friend refused to get off the phone until she heard me say it myself. I knew she’d want details later on, which is why I had Holden promise he’d drop me off at
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Nel Clarke
Possibly, with the other persona having its own wolf. Or I could be barking up the wrong tree completely lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Can't wait for the next chapter to understand why Heal went all jealous Neanderthal on Violet. lol
goodnovel comment avatar
or multiple-personality disorder?

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