Chapter 100: A Promising Future

They were staring at the sky for a while now, just examining the clouds and listening to the sound of the waves bursting on the shore.

Selena and Lucas had gone inside to shower and put warm clothes since the weather was getting colder outside.

Then, Lucas grabbed a bottle of wine and some food while Selena placed a towel on the sand so they could have a night picnic.

Selena was still on cloud nine after the incredible day they had. It was exactly what she needed in life at that moment.

Their lives were just beginning and they had a promising future ahead of them.

"Hey, why is it that every time I leave you alone you seem to get into a sort of interior analysis?" Lucas said as he got back with the wine and the food.

Selena smiled and helped him by serving the wine into the glasses.

They made a toast as Selena thought about what to answer him.

Not that she had much to say, but it was starting to be a habit of hers to think about the future lately.

"I was just thinking about our future
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