Chapter 10

I looked at her with my brows crossed.

She raised both of her hands like surrendering. "I mean, I'm asking what to say if that would be his response?"

"Just say yes. Just tell him I'm good and I'm not doing anything wrong." I puffed a breath. "I'm tired of him acting like he really cares about me. He never cares. He only thinks about his reputation, pride, and ego; that asshole." I rolled my eyes before putting red lipstick on my mouth for the final touch.

"Red huh." Quinn walked and stood beside me, she looked at my reflection in the mirror. "Going wild today?"

"We're just gonna eat."

"Eat what?" She smirked.

"Food." I gasped before standing and getting my purse. I put some of my essentials there.

"Snow, I don't want to interfere with your life but I want you to be careful, okay?"

We stared at each other as my chest pumped in confusion about my being careful. I slightly smiled before nodding even if I wasn't sure anymore.

"You look absolutely stunning," Ezra welcomed me with
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I like this book so far. I wonder what is going to happen next Will she tell him about her feelings or husband?

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