126 Punishments and Resolutions


We landed at the base in Woodclaw City. When we exited the helicopter, I breathed in Woodclaw City's air and was glad to be home. We moved towards the exit of the building and were greeted by a crowd of happy residents when we stepped out. People cheered and welcomed us home. The press was there, and they were in our faces.

"Alpha, Alpha, please tell us how you successfully overcame Regan after he double-crossed you and tried to cheat?" A man asked my father, shoving the mic in his face, and he looked at me and smiled.

"You are asking the wrong Alpha," he said and pulled Stacy along with him, protecting her from the crowd as they made their way to the car. The press moved to me immediately, and I cursed under my breath because I did not need the attention right now.

"Alpha, Alpha. Can you tell us what happened after Regan's men shot the helicopter from the sky? The people need to know because we are worried," a woman asked, and I looked at Tia, who shook her head vehemently. I
Karima Sa'ad Usman

Sorry for the Late release. Didn't finish work early yesterday. The following chapters after this one will be the last. THIS CHAPTER IS NOT THE END, please. I am already sad because I might not read from my awesome commenters after finishing the book. I will miss you all. I hope you read my new book when it comes out. Thank you so much for the support!

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It will be a werewolf novel?
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It will be a sequel ? Of this one?
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Petagay Thompson
yes she was hard to love at first but she redeem herself

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