128 Epiphany


I spent three months missing Aesop. It was hard. Sometimes I wished I didn't leave, but I needed time alone. All my life, I had been in someone's shadow. First, it was my parents, then Regan and then Aesop. I never had the time to discover myself and learn my weaknesses and strengths. I never had the time to love myself. I never had the time to stop and smell the roses. I was always on edge. I was always trying to keep things together. My marriage, my reputation, my secrets; name it. I was always trying to keep things, hoping they didn't fall apart. I was humiliated and abused for it. My mother abused me mentally, emotionally and verbally. Regan abused me physically, mentally, sexually, emotionally, verbally and financially. Then Aesop came into my life and abused me emotionally.

My life was filled with abuse, and soon it became a routine, a norm that shouldn't have been. Deep down, I believe that was what love was about; hurt and abuse, until Tia and Luke. Watching the two ma
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stacy you did good put your cards out there,, there will be changes keep your house lol you and Aesop can sneak away sometimes
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PetaGay Thompson
yea girl get your man and demand love and respect.

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