Chapter 8

It's a beautiful town with lush trees and plenty of parks. I see a shopping strip and some cute cafes and clothing stores. There are plenty of people around who are most likely werewolves. I feel many unwelcome eyes on me. I perk up when I spot the watchtower and go there.

After climbing hundreds of steps, I take in the view Shadow Crest sure is beautiful. A dense, green forest surrounds the town for miles, and I'm unsure which way to go. Finally, I sit down, defeated, and dangle my legs over the ledge, resting my head on the rail. What am I going to do? Turning into a werewolf scares me, but I can't run from that. It's going to happen no matter where I go. I reflect on last night: My dad shot Ryker, and he protected me from my father, and how my heart ached at almost losing him.

Suddenly, I feel a presence behind me. Ryker lets out a heavy sigh and sits down next to me, dangling his legs over the ledge.

'Ryker, I'm sorry I ran off. I panicked and didn't know what to do.' I explain.
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Kimberley Allen
I love this book
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Debbie Proffer
I love her playfulness with him. She’s coming out of her shell
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Absolutely loving the book so far ...

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