Chapter 17


'Astrid, you need to eat,' James says. Ignoring him, I keep my eyes on the stone floor. This will be my second night down in the cell. I've refused all food and never acknowledged James’s presence when he comes down to the cell.

He punches the cell door angrily. I flinch in fright. I'm worried.

'Damn it, Astrid! Why can't you be a good little mate and do what you're told?' He yells.

Hearing keys, James unlocks the cell. It creaks open. James picks me up and sits down on the bench, holding me tightly in his lap. I try to fight him off. I scratch his cheek. He slaps me hard across the face and wraps his arms tightly around me so I can't move. His nose nuzzles my hair and sniffs the back of my neck.

'Astrid, I could make you so happy if you let me,' he says.

'You will never think of Alpha Ryker again if you give me a chance,' he whispers. I wriggle and squirm. 'After your first shift, I will mark you straight away,' he says. I stiffen at his words.

'No, I won't let you. You can
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Wanda Davila
Omg she is in her mother killer hands!

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