Chapter 35

Early the next morning, even though it was dark, with threatening storm clouds hovering overhead like a permanent menace, Caleb reached out for Diana in bed, but he found her gone. He listened, hoping to hear her butler announcing new email or the sound of her cooking in the kitchen. Nothing. And then the rain, pitter pattering at first, followed by a roar as it drowned the area, filled his ears. He was sure if he didn’t leave here soon, his skin would start wearing a coat of green moss or mold.

Shoving the covers aside, he headed out of the bedroom. She wasn’t in her office. She couldn’t be in the greenhouse now. The thought of the ruined greenhouse sickened him. When he returned her to Colorado, he'd build her one twice as big.

He strode through the living room, but then he saw her standing in the green velvet robe on the back porch,staring at the burned wreckage. Growling at the insidiousness of whoever torched her building, he pulled the door open and stalked outside.

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