Chapter 37

Four SUVs barreled up, scattering the gravel on the shoulder. Two parked in front of them, two behind, as if wedging them in, allowing them no chance of escape.

The sun had nearly faded from the sky, and already the reds were ditching their clothes in the vehicles. Diana and Caleb waited. Despite the old man’s words, the gray was not likely a welcome sight among the reds, and the notion that Caleb—instead of a red—would kill their leader most likely didn’t bode well with many of them. As the old man said, there were many who probably felt that Diana could solve their problems by mating with one of the reds and thereby end the killings. What was done was done, and it wouldn't be repeated, but the problem was that, if Alfred won the prize, Ross, Nicol, and Simon would still be without mates. And they would continue their killing spree.

The urge to mate ran in their blood. Desiring a mate who would race in the wild with them proved tantamount. Sexual relations with a woman in
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