Chapter 101

As it turned out, the liquid in the glass was indeed wine, and a certain amount of knockout drugs remained in it.

"How do you explain this?" Enzo asked with eyes cold.

The scene was reversed once again, and the crowd was shocked.

"Oh my god, Melissa is lying!"

"I heard before that she's a vicious, cruel woman. It seems that it's true!"

The hushed whispers of the crowd started up again, and yet...

"Why should I need to explain anything?" Melissa suddenly sneered. She didn't panic at all, "I don't know how the drink in the glass became wine. The glass is in your hands, so you can say whatever you want about it naturally."

"So you're saying we planned all this to frame you?" Lilla hissed, shaking with anger.

"I didn't say that," Melissa replied, then she looked at me pretending to be innocent, "Andrea, I would like to believe you didn't push Luna. It may be a misunderstanding, but..."

Before continuing, she trailed off, choking up, "You can't unjustly accuse me just because you can't giv
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Why does it not get better with updating the chapters

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