Chapter 36: Mad Love

An awkward silence fills the car. He waits patiently for my answer, threading his fingers through my hairs.

I know there’s no way I can escape his questioning. So after a long pause, I finally open my mouth.

“I—I just think it’s a weird timing, with you and James suddenly appear at the beach house…” I say in a low voice. “…and I thought you were giving up on me after—you know— that night. So what made you change your mind?”

So that’s my final decision—not telling him the truth.

I know a relationship counselor would probably tell me that it’s important to share things with my boyfriend and to keep it open and honest in a relationship. But I’ve decided against it. Eason is the most manipulative person I’ve ever known. I have to keep my guards up around him—even though I don’t want to.

I really hope that I can just throw myself into his arms and pour my heart out. But there’s something about him—something that I can’t quite put my finger on—that stops me from fully committing to this

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goodnovel comment avatar
PS thanks for letting us know when to expect the next chapter much appreciated
goodnovel comment avatar
I really hope that he does not follow through with wateva he had planned it hasn’t been long since her boyfriend broke her heart. I hate that because love is blind she is ignoring the red flags ... that she is picking up from him
goodnovel comment avatar
Keshia Wimbush
we have on beer goggles when we're in love smh.

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