Spying My Fiancee's Friend (ENGLISH)

Spying My Fiancee's Friend (ENGLISH)

By:  FaNLLAWSMAC  Updated just now
Language: English
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What will you do if you find out, you will marry a man you have never met? This girl when she found out to marry a young man, she decides to find her future fiancé and spy on it. What will happen to her spying, if she spy the wrong man?

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118 Chapters
  PROLOGUE … … …. .... After my teacher gave the report card to Nanny, we left the school, then went straight to our service car.  Getting into the car, I asked Nanny for my report card. At first, she didn’t want to give it to me, but I insisted, eventually she gave it to me too. When I handed the report card, I gasped when I saw the result of my report card. I gripped my report card. When we got home, I saw Daddy and my older brother talking, while Daddy was holding my older brother’s report card. They were both laughing. Daddy looks happy with the result of my older brother’s report card. I was about to go straight to my room when we heard Mommy’s voice, and she called me. I could have done nothing but approach them. “Is that your report card?” Mommy asked me, pointing at the report card I’m holding.  I just nodded. I didn’t want to show my r
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Chapter 1: Cinderella
  An eyebrow like a caterpillar, check. Big eyeglasses, check. Pimples with some acne, check. Big nose, check. Broken tooth, check. Super messy-messy hair, check. Before getting out of the car, I looked again at myself in the small mirror I was carrying. “Is this me?” I asked myself as I checked my appearance. “Yes, Ma’am. You are that. If I were you, I would have come down so that you would not be late on your first day.” I was blown away by what Mr Driver said. I think because of my looks, other students will make fun of me or maybe will not be friends with me for how I look. I hid my little mirror in my bag. I grabbed my bag and got out of the car. When I left in the car, I went straight to the campus. When I enter, I walk around campus first. This campus is very big, especially that open field, which can be visited during lunch break and break time. There is also a mini garde
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Chapter 2: Friend
  PATRICE MAURICIO ‘s P.O.V.  My smile is so very wide, I feel like my lips will be… “Maybe your lips will be torn up,” Brena whispered to me. “Also, is this how you like math? And that makes you smile that wide?” Brena whispered, laughing at me. “No. I don’t like math. I’m even weaker when it comes to math.” I whispered back to Brena. “Then why is that? Why are you so wide with your smile?” I smiled up to my ears. No. maybe, beyond my ear. How can I not smile widely? I just found out that the future fiancé I’m looking for and, my Prince Charming, is one!! “Patrice!” I touched my cheeks. It’s heated. I’m not in pain. The steam from the aircon isn’t hot, but I feel like my cheeks are red just thinking of my future fiancé. “Miss Patrice!” I want to calm down. But how? Just behind me sat John Andrew Cabrera. “Miss Patrice Mauricio!”
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Chapter 3: Section Ares
  PATRICE MAURICIO ‘s P.O.V.      Brena and I arranged our belongings. When I finished arranging things, I stood up and looked at the door. The two students who entered the classroom caught my attention. They are two men. Their faces are attention-grabbing. They were both handsome and had a smooth-faced face. “We will pick you two up.” Then one handsome man said while laughing He has tanned skin colour and has a towering height. His eyes are beautiful and have long eyelashes.  “Right. Maybe where else do you two go, especially you, Alex.” A tall man said as well. His eyes are narrow. He has white and flawless skin.  The two men approached Alex and Andrew. Do Andrew and Alex have two more handsome friends?! Another student from another section, as well as our classmates, approached the four. Th
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CHAPTER 04 | Orange Juice
PATRICE MAURICIO ’ s P.O.V.       Before fixing myself, I stared first at myself in front of the mirror.After I made up my face, put on some make up to my face. I took my bag. Before going out I check first the contents of my bag if I am carrying my wallet and of course my cell phone. When I was sure that I had the two most important things in my life with me, I left in my room.When I came out of the room I almost had a heart attack when I saw Nanny.“Nanny, I’m surprised at you. I thought it was Daddy or Mommy.”“You’re even more surprising. I thought you were a thief. If I didn’t remember that’s you, I might have called the guard.”“Yeah. Peace.” And signed peace with Nanny.“Are you leaving now?”“Yes, Nanny.&
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CHAPTER 05 | Brena Quin Baesa
  BRENA QUIN BAESAS ’ s P.O.V.    I was about to get out of the car when suddenly my phone rang from my skirt pocket.“Notification from HIS group app.”HIS group app, this is an application exclusively for Heirs International School students,  like me. This is just like other social media accounts that can post status and pictures, the difference between posting about it and events within HIS is that it cannot appear on other social media accounts, otherwise there is a corresponding penalty if it violates it.“What is the meaning of this?” I whispered.There was a video uploaded to the HIS group app that, Patrice was supposed to pour orange juice in a can, but Andrew suddenly stopped him so he was the first to throw it.“This is Rachelle.”  I
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CHAPTER 06 | Alex Shin
 ALEX SHIN ’ s P.O.V. I rubbed my forehead lightly when I recognized who the woman we had met was.She is one of my women.  She is beautiful, has a big breast, and a beautiful physique.  But, that wasn’t enough for me to be with her.  Also, I’m not the type of guy to last with just one woman.  Apparently, the ocean is too wide for me to look for other fish.“Who is this?”  She asked me and pointed to the woman next to me.Who is the woman with me? I don’t even know her name, she just wanted me to date, and because I saw her breasts are big, I agreed to go with her.The woman with me removed my hug to her shoulder. She looked at me as if waiting for my answer. “Hmmm…” I pretended to think of her name.I really don’t
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ALEX SHIN ’ s POINT OF VIEW“Hello, My SB. I miss you.”I almost laughed out loud when I saw Strawberry her eyes widened. A mixture of astonishment, shock and annoyance was evident on his face. His reaction was priceless.I really had no intention of pulling Miss Strawberry but I knew this woman wouldn't stop bothering me especially because she knew we weren't the woman she was referring to.I secretly smiled. How can I have a relationship with that woman? Apart from the fact that I didn't courted her before, I would have too many competitors with her, competitors that I knew if I competed with them I would only lose.“Hey, Alex.”I looked at this woman. “Now, what?” This woman asked me. “What? Here is my one and only serious girlfriend, my SB. What do you need?&l
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CHAPTER 08 | Target
PATRICE MAURICIO ’ s P.O.V.     I hurried out of the car. I'll be late. My first subject is Math. Our teacher in Math is I am her favorite, favorite to stand alone in the back until I can't answer the math question.“Ah! Wait! Wait! Wait, Mr. Guard!” I shouted when the school guard was about to close the gate. When the gate closes for me, I will run ten more times in the open field before entering our first subject.Like me, my fellow students who were also late for school were shouting.When approaching the school gate correctly the school guard closed it.“Line up.” The school guard told us.We could do nothing but line up as we prepared our I.D. to give it to a P.E. teacher to watch over us.Our queue was one by one as we handed over our I.D. Then, we lined up to go to the open field.
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CHAPTER 09 | Math Quiz
PATRICE MAURICIO `s P.O.V.         Almost every day, exhausting. This is my situation almost every day.“Wait!” I shouted as I ran to the school gate.“Don't close the gate, Mr. Bodyguard!” I still shout.When I got close to the school gate, I almost cried when it closed. We begged to Mr. School Guard but he didn’t let us be let in. I just want to jump and roll inside the campus. I will run ten times again in an oval the size of a mall. When I give my I.D. in a P.E.  teacher whose name is Sir Steve, the keeper of the late runs in the oval. When I gave the I.D. I laughed at it.“You again. Looks like in a week you only don't run in the oval twice every morning.”“Hehehe…”I would no longer be su
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