Chapter 38: Bloody Fight

Within the blink of an eye, Eason has come near us. He grabs Zack’s collar and hits him right into the face. Zack yells out in pain covering his nose and staggers back. Blood oozes out between his fingers. Eason doesn’t give him time to react as he raises his leg and kicks him down to the ground again.

I stumble and fall, struggling to breath. I think I’m having a panic attack. Some passers-by gather up and try to help me up, but my legs feel so weak that I can barely stand.

“Oh my god!” someone suddenly gasps. “I think he’s killing him…should we call the police?”

I’m whipped back to reality. Through my blurry vision I see Eason nails Zack’s body down to the ground as he keeps pummeling him. Blood covers both his hand and Zack’s face. The sound of his fist hitting against the flesh makes the hairs on my arm to stand up.

Zack is begging for mercy, whining and crying. He is a huge guy and he can easily take me with one hand. But he doesn’t stand a chance against Eason’s brutal beatin

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update please
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either she got memory loss or he's crazy lol
goodnovel comment avatar
I wonder if she has selective memory loss do to every thing she has been through? It can happen!

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