Chapter 39: Scheming

When we walk into the study, Mr. Ramirez is already expecting us. He seems calm but I still can’t help but feel edgy.

Mom walks in with us and closes the door behind her. She sits down next to me, her lips pressed firmly together, and she seems just as nervous as I am.

“Eason,” Mr. Ramirez turns his eyes toward his son, his voice deep and stern. “I just received a phone call from the hospital. They said that the boy is suffering a server head concussion, internal bleeding, and his rib is broken. Do you have anything to say about this?”

I inhale quietly. This is even worse than I thought.

Yet Eason doesn’t seem to care at all. He lets out a cold sneer and crosses his legs, “serves that bastard just right.”


Mr. Ramirez hits the table surface really hard with his hand. I almost cry out in fear but quickly stifle my voice. I cower in my chair, keeping my eyes down.

I know Mr. Ramirez is an intimidating person. Yet I’ve never seen him lost his temper like this before. Now I und

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Cheryl Williams
Is he upset because of what happened three years ago?
goodnovel comment avatar
Please send updates
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Marlenny Fernandez
I think he’s fooling himself. He uses whatever he thinks she did in the pass to create a revenge to fool other around but he’s deeply in love with her. And whatever he’s doing is gonna come and bite him in his ass

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