Chapter 41: Ex-wife

It’s like a bucket of ice water being poured down my head. My whole body goes cold.

I finally realize this: Eason was waiting for this chance all along. He never supported me of getting this job.

But he also perfectly well that if he asks me to turn it down, I’d never agree. So he waits for everyone to be present and then spill it out. That way mom and Mr. Ramirez can be the bad guy for him.

That manipulative, cold-blooded bastard!

I’m so damn mad. I feel like I’ve been played.

“Nat?” mom urges me, waiting anxiously for my answer.

I take in a deep breath, “yeah that’s true.” The scar has been ripped open already. No need to cover it further.

“What? Why!” mom tightens her grip on the napkin till her knuckles go white. “What made you believe that you need to get a part-time job? Do you need money?”

Yes I need money! I want to scream at her. I need the money to go to college and start my own damn life, so that I don’t need to become some trophy wives who live on allowance like she does!

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Comments (11)
goodnovel comment avatar
Nagwa Abdelnaby
I think it's disappointing when we wait so long for a chapter for it to be so short.
goodnovel comment avatar
Marlenny Fernandez
I think his revenge has to be with something they did together and she forgot when she was sent with her dad
goodnovel comment avatar
Marlenny Fernandez
Wait! I thought Eason mother was dead

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