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He is a star. The biggest artist in the world. His life is never private. Heck! how can his life be? His father is one of the world most richest and most influential men. His mother, who was once an actress and supermodel, now owns a huge clothing line. Immediately at his birth, he was crowned heir to both empires. So, his life has been for public showcases. She is a nerd whose life is being defined by her GP. Attending one of the most prestigious universities in the world due to a scholarship. She sticks her nose further in her books,a social outcast. Not that she minded anyway. With an aim in mind to help her family out of their debts and misery, she strives to be the best. Fate seems to have other plans for her as she meets this megastar in an unseemly when she is mistaken as an obsessed fan and got her ankle sprained by his body guard. What happens when he can not get her out of his mind, and she is back to forgetting him. And he makes it his mission to find her. What's installed for two polar opposites who find a way to meet each other. "I would not tell anybody about today's incident, not that I have anybody to tell, really." Gemma said as the van stopped in front of the hospital "I am sorry for what he did. Please don't go around telling people about this." Kayden said to her. "For the 100th, I won't tell anyone, and I don't know you or even care." Gemma said as she limped down from the van. "I am sorry, when I go live on stargram, just leave a comment like it's broken ankle." Kayden said, giving her an apologetic smile.

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Miracle Omotehinse
woww...... this is legit my favorite book on this app......
2023-11-01 19:48:38
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Tariela Peretiemo-Clarke
I'm loving the way this novel ...
2023-11-01 18:00:01
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A heartwarming teen romance
2023-09-18 01:41:01
25 Chapters
“Kayden! Kayden! Kayden!” The crowd chanted repeatedly. The biggest arena on the planet, the Kings Arena. Occupied by millions of fans chanting his name as he left the stage.“That brings the world tour to an end. Congratulations,my boy!” Kayden's manager said as he pats his shoulder.“Thanks.” Kayden said, faking a failed smile. Obviously, he was stressed and tired.He has been on a world tour for the past 6 months, in the biggest arenas in the world for millions of fans and others watching from all over the world. He loves his fans so much that he puts in extra effort so as not to disappoint them or give haters a reason to pull him down. Just as he was about to enter his changing room, reporters rushed to him.Faking the biggest smile in the world, he turned to them to answer whatever question they would ask. He always smiled genuinely when he was with his fans and not for another person.“Congratulations, Kayden, on completing your world tour.” The reporter from Daily News said to
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“Holy shit! My baby just broke a Guinness World Record again” Ava screamed.Gemma rolled her eyes for the 100th time that minute. Her eyes were about to fall off.“Tone it down, girl. I have an exam next week” Gemma scolded her friend harshly.“Chill out, Einstein, no one is going to ever beat your record for the smartest dork” Ava said, waving off an angry Gemma.“Can you imagine making 1.3 billion dollars in 6 months? He is indeed the greatest of all time” Ava shrieked loudly.Gemma was tired. All she asked for was a peaceful night to study, and she seemed like she was getting the opposite.“I really despise you right now” Gemma groaned.“I know, and I don't give a fuck, it's Kayden we are talking about here” Ava snapped back.“You mean you because I don't care about your Kay.....whatever now please shut the fuck up and let me read” Gemma shouted at Ava, finally looking at the ginger haired goddess who seemed to have an undying crush on a famous pop star she knows nothing about.“Yo
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“Holy shit! ” A girl in the cafeteria screamed at the top of her lungs in class. As the students, including the teacher, who is now paying attention to her to see what caused the outburst. “Star agency just posted an update. It turns out Kayden is taking a vacation her in New City” the girl screamed as everyone screamed after her.“For real?” The professor asked, shocking most of the students.“Yes!” The girl said as the class shrieked in excitement.“If he is here, we have a huge chance to see him. Regal University is the most prestigious university in the country, and we even rank as number one in the world. Can't our school invite him?” A student said as the student agreed in excitement.“Since he is here on a vacation, obviously he came here to rest, he had just concluded a 6-month stressful world tour, he deserves to rest. Leave him be” Gemma said loudly.Everyone in the class immediately kept quiet, all staring at her in shock.“What?” Gemma questioned, obviously feeling inconve
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“I still do not like her. She seems suspicious, sir.” The hulk said.“Shut the fuck up, you are the suspicious one here” Gemma snapped back at the useless fellow that just sprained her ankle.“Stop talking to me like that!” The hulk said angrily at Gemma.“Then stop assuming shit about me and fucking apologise you thwart” Gemma snapped.“I really do not like you calling one of my people absurd names, I get it you are angry. Restrain yourself please.” Kayden said to Gemma.“Try spraining your ankle after a beer bottle just got smashed on your arms and see if you did be pissing sunshine and rainbow.” Gemma huffed in anger.“You are so vulgar, how unruly of you” Hulk 2.0 said.“Jace stop it.” Kayden said.So the Hulk's name Is Jace how unfitting for a senseless brute.“Again, Gemma, I apologise for the misunderstanding, I am the one at fault her should have done better in managing my guard.”“Yeah, no shit locks. Who the fuck are anyway to be taking a Hulk on a stroll in the middle of th
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It's been a few months since the incident with Kayden happened.Gemma is back to her usual bookworm self even more than ever as they are now in the middle of the semester.Ava busted inside the room as Gemma dropped her pain, sighing. Ava has something to say.“Gemma, Kayden is having an interview just right before the award show and that son of a lousy bitch is trying to stir up trouble.” Ava said in a frustrated tone.“What is it again? ” Gemma asked.“So there is this so-called rival of Kayden, his name is Damien, and he is the absolute worst.” Ava huffed.“Who is Damien?” Gemma asked as she rubbed her now aching forehead.“Damien is Kayden's Wannabe, if Kayden ever caught the worst illness and becomes ugly and nasty, it did be Damien.” Ava explained.Ava was not the only one feeling the frustration. Most of Kayden fans were. Damien was once Kayden's friend, but they had a fallout and Damien has been relentless to get Kayden.Tonight was the most anticipated award show, the bigges
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Kayden's team was in the office, it's been a hectic week for them. From them getting calls from fans to ask to reduce Kayden's workload, to them being given death threats by toxic fans.Star entertainment was extra busy. Kayden's new album promotion, photoshoots, and fan signing event were being planned. “Boy! You really did have to say that.” Alfred said as he huffed, taking his executive seat.Kayden, who was sitting down on the expensive black couch in Alfred's office, just, kept on typing on his phone.“I had too. Catherine and Eylon kept bothering me. And yes, I was being overworked, I am exhausted” “I understand, but why is the name of your album green and why did you tell the production team to change the albums cover to your design, green eyes!” Alfred huffed out.Kayden just kept his phone and stared at Alfred like he had grown two horns with the way he was shouting.“Calm down, Alf, it's not that deep.”“You changed, ever since you came back from your vacation months ago,
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Kayden's album was a massive success, breaking multiple world records, and musical records.“Kayden, this is the greatest album of this generation, as Borbes calls it. What's your great inspiration behind this masterpiece” A reporter asked.“Green?” Kayden said, chuckling as everyone laughed.“Rumours have it that you wrote the songs in your album based the Princess of Dain” Another reporter asked.“That's absurd! Elle and I are just friends and nothing more” Kayden said, stunning the reporters and also himself.Why did he overreact? He questioned himself.He realised that he did that to refute every type of rumour in case his anti-social media green-eyed queen was watching.“Why did you refuse to endorse your father's brand.” A reporter said.This time the camera flashes increased as everyone was interested to hearing his response.“I would be leaving the music industry for a while, though I would be going back to college for my final year in college.” Immediately those words left h
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HEY! It's Kayden here.I started craving to be a star. I've heard stories of fame, and I've seen the performances of superstars doing what they loved.Fame isn't East to achieve. I worked every hour, minute, and second of the clock to perfect my vocals.I remember playing the piano and singing in front of a live audience a very hard song, it was named the hardest song in the world.I could remember the feeling of having everyone stare at me in awe, my teachers even told me to go for singing competitions.I went back home smiling, waving the servants around my house. I remember I was so excited for dinner because for the first time in a long time I was going to see my parents.Dinner started peacefully, dad asked about school and I responded happily, knowing how good it felt to have everyone compliment in front of everyone.I told my father about my dreams of becoming a singer. To be honest, a pretty stupid decision on my part because the next thing I knew was, I was outside sleeping w
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Rumours about Kayden's presence at Regal University started spreading as it became a hot topic in the school.“Did you hear about the news of my husband's arrival?” A girl screamed loudly.“I head, people said he was in the garden last night.” The other girl said loudly.“But wasn't he supposed to start next year? I mean, we are already writing our exams.” The other girl said.Gemma couldn't focus because of the girls chattering loudly behind her. She sighed as she spurned her pen in her hand.She was exhausted today because she had just gone for an apartment hunting. The apartment she had found was nice and really comfy, the best one she had seen so far. But the thing was that someone else got the same place she desperately wanted. The person had agreed that they would share the room. But her introverted self cannot handle this. Her scholarship runs for only her 1st and 2nd years of her stay. She would be entering the 3rd and then her scholarship would be terminated.She had some s
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“What the fuck is wrong with the educational board? Sow many stupid policies and for what” Ava growled out in annoyance.Gemma had told Ava about her living off campus, due to the changes in the education system. She should have expected that her lovely friend would blow the issue out of proportion. Gemma is truly happy to have such a nut job as her friend.“Are, you, sure you can handle this?” Ava asked again, pouting as Gemma kept cleaning up her space. “I'll be fine, besides we get to be in our 3rd yearsCongratulations to us” Gemma said, trying to change the subject.“Where would you be staying at?” Ava asked with a concerned look.“Hill's apartment, it's just about 30 minutes from here. It's the closest place to school.” Gemma said, trying to cheer her friend up.“But it's expensive, how can you….” Ava words were cut off my Gemma's hug.“I got this, really.” Gemma whispered. “I am going to miss you so much.” Ava whined. Gemma is happy to really have a friend like Ava. She jus
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