Chapter 59: First Dance

“What—why…what’s all this?!”

He holds his hand in the midair waiting for me as his smile grows wider, “What does it look like? It’s a surprise.”

“Yeah I can see that. But why?”

“Well…remember that dance you promised me?”

I pause for a moment, and then suddenly remember that we did talk about it once before the anniversary party. I said I would save my first dance for him. Yet then so many things happened and that plan got completely ruined.

I didn’t know he’d still remember this.

A sudden wave of strong emotions flushes through my heart that makes me want to hug and kiss him.

Taking in a deep breath, I place my hand in his palm.

“That’d be my honor,” I say in a slightly shaking voice.

He pulls me into his arms and leads me into the dancefloor.

A beautiful music is playing in the background, and we dance to it. I’m not a very good dancer, but gladly my partner knows his moves very well. He holds me tightly by the waist and waltz me through the dance floor. It’s like flying abo

A big step for them!

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Comments (7)
goodnovel comment avatar
For the three year that they were hangout with each other. There has to be more to that story.
goodnovel comment avatar
But now they have to deal with his evil mother. I think the mother is the one who took that letter and flowers out of her room. The house maids won’t have done it unless they were paid to do it. I don’t think his father would have done it. I would love a flashback.
goodnovel comment avatar
If he didn’t love her he won’t have saved her from Zack. But his plan to ruin her was very bad. Why couldn’t he have told her about the flowers and letter he wrote her three years ago. If she knew of the flowers and letter maybe things would have been different.

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