Sext Buddy

Sext Buddy

By:  Akudo Maryann  Updated just now
Language: English
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Sext Buddy: [I’d do anything to fuck you right now.] Alicia: [I want you so bad too…really.] During the summer, Alicia has been sexting with a total stranger in hopes that she’d never meet him. At the beginning of college, her mum tells her that they have a guest. She meets the stranger she was constantly sexting. But then, what happens when the stranger is her cousin?

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62 Chapters
Chapter 1
Arthur’s Pov Alicia muffled her screams in her pillow, kicking her legs in the air as she read another straight up naughty text from the stranger she’s been sexting for a month. She threw the pillow out of her face and stared at his message again, his name she saved as ‘Sext Buddy’ flashing on the screen and her face burned as she read the message again.Sext Buddy: [I’d do anything to fuck you right now.]Alicia muffled her screams again, unsure of what to send back to him. It was funny because she was and always has been a horny nineteen year old virgin and she didn’t even know the guy she’s been sexting since summer. She had found his number on her phone and decided to text him and they’d started talking and ended up becoming sext buddies. He said things to her, things she could only fantasize about and she loved it. She wanted to meet him so badly but at the same time, she knew she wouldn’t be able to handle it if they met.College was starting next week and she was more than rea
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Chapter 2
Author’s POV “Oh fuck you Andre, big fat headed moron.” Anna yelled after her friend who flashed her a big smile before running off. Anna turned to Alicia, they were both walking down the stairs after registering for their course and Alicia was unusually quiet. Anna bumped their shoulders and gave her a questionable look.“Why are you solemn? What’s making a virgin think so much?”Alicia chuckled and smacked her arm, sighing a little. “Stop saying that, someone might hear.”“So what? Virgins exist, but they’ve been bullied to stay quiet about that. That’s by the way, what’s got your pants in a twist?”“I wouldn’t say my pants are in a twist because I have a short skirt on but you know about my mystery sext Buddy yeah?”Anna perked up at that, she stepped in front of her and jumped excitedly. “The mystery guy that makes you so horny, what about him? Did he call you again? Did he moan for you? What did he do?”Alicia smiled, her face a little red from the memories of numerous nights sh
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3Arthur’s POV (One week later- in the spongebob voice thingy)Alicia stared at herself in the mirror, pondering. One week, it’s been one week and her mystery guy hasn’t texted back. She felt stupid for even reducing herself to bare minimum. She tried to fight the anger, she hated that she had shown him herself and got no reply. She felt even sadder that she sent him numerous texts asking if something was wrong. She picked her phone up and stared at her messages over the week that were not even read.Alicia: [Hey, did something happen?]Alicia: [I don’t know your actual name so I can’t even call you that. You’re not taking my calls either.]Alicia: [Was the picture I sent that bad? Didn’t I look good enough for you?]Alicia: [Maybe the angle was a bit off? But my ass—my ass looked nice. My friend said so :( ]Alicia: [Should I have done better? Or sent more than one? Is it my face? I’m not even that ugly, I’m not ugly.]Alicia: [I can send you another one, just text me back i
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Chapter 4
Arthur’s POV Dinner goes very awkward and uncomfortable for Alicia because she can’t understand what’s going on. It’s just something she can’t believe. There’s no way the one guy that gets her excited over a few nasty texts could be her cousin. It just sounds stupid to her and she doesn’t want to believe it. Her mother is saying something about her co-worker at the hospital but Alicia isn’t paying attention because she’s sitting opposite Jason and he’s constantly stealing glances at her. One she’s returning with a few of her shy ones because she can’t even find it in her to be disgusted at the revelation. The guy is her cousin but that’s the least of her worries when all she can think about is the veins surrounding his pretty long fingers and the rings adorning them. Those damn hands that got her to text him in the first place. “Then she tried to care for a patient I was assigned to and it just annoyed me..” Alicia blanked out from whatever her mum was saying when she felt the tip
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Chapter 5
Arthur’s POVAlicia patiently waits for an answer and she keeps her eyes on him when his gaze shifts to something behind her. She’s about to look and confirm whatever he’s looking at but his grip on her chin is pulling her back to their staring contest.“I got my phone stolen.”Alicia scoffs, rolling her eyes as if that’s the dumbest thing she’s ever heard. She feels insulted because he’s obviously lying. She doesn’t believe him because if his phone was stolen, how did he read the texts she sent over the week and never replied to any of them? “You must really think I’m a fool.” Alicia makes an attempt to move from where she’s caged by his hands by the side of the kitchen counter but he doesn’t let her. Instead, he stands properly and one of his hands rests on her hip and Alicia should ask him to take his hand off her hips, right? Why? Because it’s wrong. They’re cousins, he shouldn’t be touching her that way but she likes how that part of her body he’s currently touching feels hot.“
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Chapter 6
Alicia’s PovI stared at myself in the mirror, for the hundredth time probably to make sure I didn’t look like a wimp before walking down the stairs and settling on the dining table. I’m nervous, feeling this way was inevitable and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or how I’m supposed to act. I said I wasn’t going to continue whatever was going on with Jason, then I said why not enjoy it but now I feel sick to my stomach. It’s wrong, it’s all wrong, everything about it is wrong but why don’t I hate it? Why am I not disgusted? Shouldn't I not be able to stand the sight of him? Shouldn’t I feel repulsed when our eyes meet? Shouldn’t I cuss him out for being okay with the constant flirting and the fucking sexy texts he shoots me in between breakfast?I try not to respond but my fingers are constantly begging me to do something and I end up picking up my phone and my lips twitch upwards when I read his messages. He’s sitting right in front of me while my mum moves around in the kitchen
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Chapter 7
Arthur’s POV“Oh my God Anna, you look like a car accident, what happened to you?” Alicia asked immediately as she walked into her business management class and found Anna sitting at their usual spots, beside the windows. Anna groaned, turning to the back to glare at something or someone and Alicia followed her line of sight to see she was glaring at Andre.“That bastard pranked me this morning. I swear, I’m this close to beating his ass with the crutches I used back in fifth grade.”Alicia chuckled and took the empty seat beside her. “Now we’re making jokes about you almost having both your legs amputated for getting into an actual car accident back in fifth grade. And what’s this little constant bickering between you and Andre?” Alicia asked, wiggling her eyes playfully and got an eye roll from Anna.“It’s worse that his name starts with an ‘A’ and mine does as well so people purposely try to form cute names from both our names, it’s disgusting to be honest.”“C’omon, Andre is hot,
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Chapter 8
Arthur’s POV Alicia stared around Micheal’s room as she waited for him to come back from the kitchen. They’ve been dating for four months and she still feels incredibly shy whenever she was at his dorm room. Micheal is in his second year and she’s just a fresher, it’s just that feeling of dating a senior that’s making her overwhelmed sometimes. She suddenly wondered if Jason was in his second or third year before shaking her head violently. She shouldn’t be thinking of another man when she’s in her boyfriend’s room.She’s been practicing on what to say to Micheal. She obviously needed to apologize first and then perhaps tell him why she’s been acting that way and of course, omit the part where she’s been sexting another guy who happens to be her sexy cousin. She sat at the edge of the bed, her hands in between her legs as she waited. Anybody who walked in and saw her would think that was her first time being to a guy’s place. She was always this shy person, she still is but she reali
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Chapter 9
Alicia’s POV “Can I—is it okay to give you a handjob?” It took every courage in me to say that and I waited, our eyes boring into each other’s soul. Was he going to say no? He wouldn’t, right? He did say it was okay to rub him through his shorts, he was enjoying it so why is he being hesitant now? It’s just a handjob. I asked for consent, that’s okay right? He’d let me do what I want for just tonight.“Micheal, do you not want me to?” I tried to mask the hurt I was starting to feel by speaking in a low voice, at least he won’t hear how I’m about to break down if he says no. I watched his eyes stare down at my hand that was still underneath his shorts, unmoving. He felt so big, I wanted to just take it out and stare at it till it feeds my ‘big dick kink’ but I’m this close to losing all the excitement bones in me because he’s not saying anything. “If you don’t want me to—”“I do, yes yes, go on.”Oh finally. I smiled at him and gently used my free hand to pull his shorts alongside his
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Chapter 10
Alicia’s POV We both sat side by side on the dining table and I suddenly couldn’t contain my thoughts. I suddenly wanted attention, all of his attention on me and I didn’t even need to ask the way I asked with Micheal but Jason was already giving me all that attention. I didn’t miss the way he glanced at me, thinking I didn’t notice or the way his legs would touch mine since we’re sitting close to each other. I was nervous, shaking and not because I wanted to bolt out of the room but because my hands were itching to touch him.It didn’t help that we were both close to being half naked. He’s shirtless and in sweatpants, I’m wearing booty shorts and my college shirt. I see him staring at my thighs and I’m not even uncomfortable because I want him to, I love that he can’t stop looking at me, I love that I don’t need to do anything extra to have him gawking at every part of me. It makes me feel wanted, the complete opposite of what Micheal makes me feel.The Mac-n-cheese was pleading to
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