The Wrong What?

No one objected against this method of marriage, not even the crowd or the bald priest who was too focus on getting this wedding moving.

She heard no murmurings of any sort. 

Was this normal? 

She really should have spoken to her father about the type of groom she was about to get married to instead of walking out on him, going to a club and having a one night stand.

A One Night Stand!

She smirked slightly underneath her veil. 

The one night stand was not that bad though, so she didn't regret it too much. 

"I do." She heard a deep and authoritative voice from the laptop, snapping her back to reality and her smirk disappeared.

The Priest said out loud the vows to her, they sounded a little different but the state her mind was in, didn't let her fully process the words. 

Instead she replied, "I do."

Instead of the ring exchange, Ivy was headed a goblet. 


She eyed it suspiciously before giving the priest a weary look. 

He looked at her, almost annoyed at the oblivion she was trying to put forward. 

"You know the rules. Drink."

Did she though?

Had handing over goblets taken over ring exchanges now? Was this the latest trend?

She wanted to ask but she could feel everyone's eyes on her and she immediately felt out of it.


If only she had just taken her time to make her research about weddings nowadays, she wouldn't be so confused right now!

She took in a deep breath, then drank from the goblet in a gulp. 

It wasn't until she had entirely drank from the goblet did she realize something, her eyes grew wide and she stared at the priest in shock. 

"Is that b-blood?!" She yelled. 

The crowd immediately hissed back at her, baring their teeth at her like animals.

Her heart raced as she looked around in confusion.

What kind of people were this?!

The Priest held his up hand and silence reigned.

"Have you drank it, Master?"

"Yes." The voice boomed from the laptop again, this time, deeper.

Someone collected the goblet from here, then the Priest raised his hands up in the air.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife!"

The crowd stood up at once then cheered, it seemed fake though but that was none of Ivy's business. All she wanted right now, was to get the hell out of here!

These people were insane! No kidding!

Immediately, Girald closed the laptop and along with some of the grumpy bodyguards, he led her back to the car. Making her sit between him and another hunk of a suited bodyguard.

That way, she wouldn't be able to escape by 'flying' out of the 'closed' window.

Not that she could but... protocols?

Ivy scoffed.

These people were ridiculous! 

She must have a word with her parents immediately. How dare they make her get married into a family of lunatics like this?! She would definitely pay them back for this nonsense!

"I need to see my parents." She pressed the minute they got into the car but Girald who was sitting to her left, paid her no attention.

"Step on it." He ordered the driver who immediately hit the road.

"What the hell is going on?! I need to--"

"We need to take you to the Villa immediately, Mistress."

"Mistress? Just call me Ivy."

"Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated, but if you do otherwise, we might have to use force, 'Mistress'."

"What are you now? Policemen?"

"Bodyguards." Girald corrected matter of fact, looking a bit offended, the sarcasm completely flying over his head. "And those were the Master's orders."

"I would never have guessed." She muttered underneath her breath, her chest raising and falling as she felt the car swirl to a bend and sped up.

"My phone, please?"

"Not until you are safe and sound in the Villa, Mistress."

She nodded in defeat, knowing that there was nothing she could say or do that would make them stray from the rules they had already been given.

They wouldn't hurt her. Whosoever their Master was wanted his 'wife' safe.

Whatever next move she would have to make will just have to wait till they get to this so called villa.

She didn't even know what that move was. But she was sure she would know what next to do after giving her parents a nicely cut out piece of her angry mind.



That was the first word Ivy thought of when they drove into the villa but she was in no mood to access the scenery, all she wanted was her phone.

Girald immediately guided her into the masion where maids were already waiting downstairs for them. They bowed in respect to her and she spared them a smile before turning to Girald.

"My phone now, I'm safe." 

She tugged at her wedding gown aggressively. This elaborate luxurious white gown was starting to really get on her nerves.

"You are dismissed." 

Girald motioned to the servants and they rushed off to whatever it was they should be doing. 

"My ph--"

"Please follow me, Mistress." 

Girald started walking up the stairs. She followed, two bodyguards following immediately after her.

Then they got to a door, Girald opened the door and led her in.

"My phone." She pressed, trying as hard as she could to look in control.


Girald signalled to one of the bodyguards. The one who should be Colin stepped forward and handed her phone to Girald.

"All clear, Boss. No tracking devices."

Ivy was starting to get afraid now. What were they so careful about? Had she just married into problem? Was her life in danger now?

Then Girald handed the phone to her and she quickly grabbed it, holding onto it like as if her life depended on it. 

"Your ring." He offered.

So, there would be ring after all. What was it about the goblet sharing then?

She quickly collected it and slid it around her finger.

"If you need anything, click on the green gem." He signalled to the ring and she nodded. 

She hadn't seen that coming but she needed them to get out already, so she could make her call.

"Alright. Can I have some privacy, now? I really need to freshen up."

Girald eyes squinted. "The villa is highly guarded against penetration from outside and within."

He nodded lightly after that, then left with the bodyguards.

Immediately the door click shut, she started dailing away on her phone but a news headline popped up, interrupting her.

It read:

'Shame of the Century: Lorenzo Richerman, the 72 years old owner of Richer Men Foundation, a multi International company, got stood up on his wedding day." 

She swiped the headline aside and continued dailing away on her phone.

Lorenzo Richerman's wedding was none of her business. Her business right now was to give her parents a piece of her angry mind.

She placed the phone against her ear. 

She started pacing around the room while it rang, angry words ranging in her heart, as she yanked her veil off, stripping out of her wedding gown angrily, leaving her in her white underwear gown.

Finally someone answered the call. 


"Oh, so now you are returning the calls, huh?" Came Elsa's sarcastic response.

"Elsa, I need to talk to--"

"Is that Ivy?" She heard her mother ask distantly.

"Ivy Romina Rominnez," came her mother's angry voice. "Did you forget that today is your wedding day?! We have been here for hours waiting for you. Do you know what huge mess your father is in now because of you, the mess the whole family is in now. The business is on a huge blacklist. How dare you betray us like this?"



"This joke is not funny," she chuckled humourlessly. "I was at the wedding, tried looking for everyone but they didn't let me, I got married to this laptop guy--"

"Ivy, will you stop lying to me?" Her mother sounded heartbroken and angry. "We all just arrived from the church, you were not there and your groom left in anger. So, just please stop lying to your mother and get down here right now so we can fix this mess."

Ivy's heart raised with panic as a realization crashed on her.

Had she been a bride at the wrong wedding?

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